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Best Themed Birthday Parties for Boys

Best Themed Birthday Parties for Boys

Finding a good theme for your baby boy’s birthday is a little hard. We did some research and we found out that the two best themes for boy’s birthdays are: Pirates or Cowboys. Here is everything you would need to plan great themed birthday parties for your little boy.

Why have themed birthday parties? 

Throwing regular parties with a plain cake and a couple balloons is nice, but simple. When it comes to little boys, having something customized for them makes them enjoy their own parties even more. Especially if they are into certain movies or characters like pirates or cowboys! 

Hosting a cool themed party will boost your little one’s confidence, and teach him how to be a gracious host. It is a great chance to let your child socialize outside school as well. 

In other words, throwing a themed birthday party can do a lot, including:

  • 1| honoring your little one boosting his self-esteem 
  • 2| planning a themed birthday party will give your child years of happy memories 
  • 3| helps your child understand the concept of growth and time passing 
  • 4| encourages your child to make friends and maintain them 
  • 5| highlights your boy’s interests and what makes him special

First Theme: Pirates 

Boys love pirates! They are exciting and dangerous. Dress your little boy in a pirate costume and put up pirate decorations to have a perfectly decorated birthday party. This one will definitely go into the themed birthday parties hall of fame! 

Pirates Bounty Garland


Fun Pirate Plates

Black Pirates Party Hats

Pirate Masks

Pirate Photo Props

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Second Theme: Cowboys

Who doesn’t love cowboys? They ride horses, and wear awesome hats! Here are some products to help you plan a great birthday party for your little boy.

Cowboy Accessory Set

Western Cowboy

Black Cowboy Hat