Breastfeeding: going back to the past to secure our future

Breastfeeding: going back to the past to secure our future

Prior to the 1980s everyone all over the world was breastfed. If a mother couldnt breastfeed she would give her baby to a wet nurse to feed. Then formula was introduced and everyone belived that formula was better than breastmilk. Mothers first used to make formula in their kitchens, then they where manufactured in factories. There were many factors that contributed to the  decline of  breastfeeding; unfortunatly everyone belived  that anything new is better women joining the workforce, formula advertizing and billboards. So all mothers, care givers  and even alot of doctors recommended formulas instead of giving their babies their own milk. The result? An increase of infections, obesity and decline in the overall health of our children is clearly seen in the past few decades. Its time to go back to breasfeeding to secure our future.

As a breastfeeding consultant, I urge all  pregnant ladies to know as much as possible about breastfeeding. Educate yourself ladies and be prepared to provide the best for your child.


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The following tips can help you esablish breastfeeding in the first few days

1| Tell your doctor that you wish to breastfeed; and insist  that no formula should be given to the baby during your hospital stay.

2| Try to deliver in a baby friendly hospital or a hospital that fully supports breastfeeding.

3| When you’re in the labor room tell all the nurses that my baby should be given breast milk only.

4| As soon as your baby is born put your baby skin-to-skin until he has fed the first time.

5| Keep your baby in your hospital room around the clock (rooming-in).

6| Feed your baby whenever he shows feeding cues (at least 8 times a day).

7| Plan for quiet time without visitors during your hospital stay.

8| Do not use pacifiers; offer your breast if your baby is fussy or wants to eat ask for cup feeding.

9| Do not use supplemental bottle feedings unless your healthcare provider says there is a   medical reason.

10| Do not accept samples of formula or other   items that might distract from   breastfeeding.

11| Let a breastfeeding consultant check that your baby’s latch is correct.

12| Ask for help whenever you need it; there are many hospitals and support groups that provide a hotline for mothers who need help breastfeeding.

If you do most of the above; breastfeeding can be established very easily. If you have any trouble, please ask for help. For further information or if you need help; please contact me via my Instagram account; I answer questions through direct messages.


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Dr. Alaa Abul is a mother of two young girls from Kuwait. She is a senior family physician and a breastfeeding and infant feeding counselor. She is currently running the Well Baby clinic and the breastfeeding and infant feeding clinic in Al-Sager Center in Kuwait. She believes that good nutrition is the key to your child’s successful development, so she opened an instagram account to educate parents on the health and well being of a child. She also believes that a mother is the heart and soul of the family, and educating her about her child and removing the myths and clarifying the doubts she has about her child’s upbring and well being would make a huge difference in this part of the world.
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