Best Christmas Decoration Themes for 2020

Best Christmas Decoration Themes for 2020

Putting up last year’s Christmas decorations may seem a little old fashioned and in a need for an update. Regardless of the Christmas Pandemic, keep reading and choose one of the best Christmas decoration themes for 2020! 

Christmas decoration themes are endless. You can turn anything you like into a Christmas decoration. If you or your kids like a certain movie you can turn this movie into a Christmas themed decoration and fill your home with joy – after all, decorating your home is just as important as buying gifts

Here are some top picks for the best Christmas decoration themes:

Classic Christmas

There’s nothing better than a beautiful simple classic christmas! Get your home a bushy green tree and place it near your fireplace or near a window overlooking the beautiful winter weather. Decorate your tree with classical red beaded balls and a tree skirt that never goes out of style. Finish the look with red stocking hanging on top of your fireplace and candle lights burning all through Christmas eve! 

This classical theme is not just one of the best Christmas decoration themes for 2020, but it is simply timeless.

Winter Wonderland

As the song says, we are all dreaming of a white christmas. Snow is an essential part of it all. Even if you’re at a place where it does not snow, you can still get yourself a white Christmas, how? 

Start by getting a white or blue christmas tree, and place it behind a big white wall. Decorate your tree with snowflakes, and snowy hangings. Hang a couple white tinseles around to feel like your sitting where the snow is falling, and throw in some warm white lighting such as Homesmiths Christmas Willow Branches which gives a great frosty forest vibe. It’s also battery operated so you don’t need to worry about cords and electricity. Finish the touch with some wall stickers and enjoy your own winter wonderland at home. 

Home Royalty 

One of the best Christmas decoration themes for this year is a royal christmas right inside your living room. A royal Christmas is simply a very fancy and extravagant Christmas where everything is shiny and golden. 

Start by placing your big tree underneath a Pom Pom Tree Skirt – which you can personalize by engraving your family’s surname on it! Then, make your tree fancy looking by decorating it with Kaemingk Christmas Shatterproof Decoration Baubles and Homesmiths Goldrose Christmas Hangings. The golden spark will definitely give a beautiful glow to your tree sitting under the ivory skirt. 

A part of having a royal Christmas at home is having the perfect dining table. Get your fancy plates, silverware, and napkin rings out and place them perfectly under your Christmas Table Runner. Decorate your table with little golden name card holders and beaded coasters, and don’t forget your Christmas tree candlestick

Candyland Christmas 

Imagine having a Christmas with nothing but candy and sweets hanging from it! Get your Candyland themed christmas by filling your tree with all kinds of delicious – sadly inedible – ornaments! 

After hanging the candy ornaments, put up the candy cane decorations such as a tinsels and wall stickers to have this yummy Christmas candy all around you. Finish your Candyland Christmas with a Sugared Shortbread scented candle and enjoy the mouth watering aroma! 

Reindeer Farm 

As Santa’s first helpers, reindeers are ought to be celebrated! Fill your home with everything reindeer, from beautiful big wall stickers, to cozy cushions, and adorable personalized reindeer stockings. You can also get Premier’s Acrylic Reindeer And Sleigh for your outdoor decorations, or a Reindeer Christmas Curtain for your home. Even your Christmas tree can hold some reindeer ornaments and decorations

Remember, decorating your home is also for you to enjoy the holiday season. 

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