All your pram questions answered!

All your pram questions answered!

Our Mumz Guide has everything you need to know about prams, pushchairs & buggies Looking for the best wheels for your new baby? With hundreds to choose from it may seem overwhelming at first, but that’s where we come in. Mumzworld wants to help you choose the perfect stroller for you, your baby, your lifestyle and your budget.

All your prams, pushchairs & buggie questions answered:
Out and about
Do you travel by car?

Travel systems make life easier and quicker with a car seat that simply clicks on to your pushchair frame. Plus you can transport your sleepy baby from car to chassis without waking him up. Travel systems tend to be bigger than regular pushchairs so check the folded dimensions will fit in your boot.

Do you travel by public transport?

If buses, trains and planes are big in your life think compact and lightweight. Choose a buggy or stroller with a carry handle and one-hand steering and folding – it makes life easier, trust us! Bear in mind that baby needs to lie flat for the first six months so if you have a newborn you’ll need a full recline model.

Do you do lots of walking?

You’ll need a sturdy pushchair that’s up to the job. If you’re tall, choose a model with adjustable handles. For navigating city streets a lightweight model with swivel wheels is best. On rougher ground your baby will thank you for an all-terrain model with suspension and lockable or fixed wheels. And if you’re an all-weather walker choose a warm pushchair with a footmuff included.

At home
Will your pushchair fit?

Remember to check how big your hallway is and how wide your doorway is. If you need to squeeze your pushchair into an elevator or small car boot do check the dimensions.

Do you have steps?

Don’t forget that you’ll have baby in one arm, bag over your shoulder (keys in your mouth…) so lightweight and collapsible are key considerations.

Short on storage space?

If space is at a premium a compact pushchair that’s freestanding when folded will be a lot less cumbersome than a sturdy travel system. If space isn’t an issue a travel system or pram is ideal so you don’t have to disturb a sleeping baby when returning home. and finally…

Which accessories are included?

Check whether the car seat, raincover, Cosytoes and sunshade are included or whether you can buy separately to customise your wheels.

Is your family growing?

If you’re thinking baby-making thoughts it’s worth investing in a sturdy model that will go the distance. Also consider a pushchair with the option to add a double kit so your children can ride in tandem.

Do you really love it?

Read the online reviews, watch the product videos, take it for a spin, check (and double check) you can fold it… you’ll be spending a lot of time with your pushchair so it has to be absolutely right.

your pram, pushchair & buggy options
Push Chairs
Within this group, you will find everything from high-end brand lightweight strollers to inexpensive umbrella strollers. Some strollers may be convertible, switching from a carriage (with baby riding in a bassinet-like compartment) to upright seated stroller with only a few mom-friendly flicks of the wrist.
Travel Systems
The granddaddy of strollers, travel systems combine a car seat and a stroller, making it possible for you to use the system throughout your baby’s infancy and toddlerhood. The car seat locks into the stroller for easy transport. Once your baby can support herself, use the stroller alone as you would a traditional stroller.
3 Wheelers
If you’re looking for adventure with baby on board, jogging strollers are the way to go. Once expensive options reserved for the jogging enthusiast, these strollers have come down in price and status, making them more practical.
Twins, Doubles, Triplets
You might be lucky enough to be having twins, triplets or quadruplets or you may have an expanding family and require a pram or pushchair that will be flexible for your needs. Whatever the case. your pram and buggy needs are going to be slightly different depending on your circumstances and lifestyle.
Strolling with two? Double strollers come in two styles: tandem, where you have one child in front and one behind, and side by side.
Tandem strollers are great for twins or moms with two children close in age.
Favored by moms for their classic style, pram carriages are essentially bassinets on wheels. Built with an elegantly curved lightweight metal frame and oversized wheels, traditional prams function as a cozy place for your newborn to nap while you take a stroll. Prams are intended for infant use only, meaning you will need to purchase another stroller once baby is able to sit up.
your pram, pushchair & buggy accessories
Baby bags
Pack all those on the move essentials in a gorgeous baby bag – more
Travel system adaptors
Safety is the number one priority. Make sure your baby is sage with these products. – more
Make sure your baby is snug as a bug with these stylish footmuffs. – more
Suitable from birth to six months a carry cot turns your pushchair chassis into a newborn travel system – more
Ride on boards
Suitable from 2 years old these boards are great for tired little legs. – more
Prams and pushchair toys
Activity arches, buggy books, clips and furry friends to keep your little one entertained. – more
Check if a rain cover is included with your pram – if not buy one to protect your baby on those rainy days – more
Other Accessories
For all your other travel accessory needs. – more


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