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Why every mum needs a Bugaboo stroller

Why every mum needs a Bugaboo stroller

Choosing the perfect stroller is one of the most crucial decisions new moms need to make and the most challenging. Therefore mamas, before you start your online or in-store shopping and before we take you through our top 3, ask yourselves those questions:

1-Which family member will be using the stroller the most?

2-Where will you use it?

3-How much weight can your body handle? (This is important for moms who have experienced any complications post-delivery or moms who underwent a c section deliver)

4-Are you carrying twins?

5-Does my lifestyle require a lot of travel?

6-Will I Be going on long off-road trips or will I be running errands with my baby?

Have you answered “Yes” to any of the above? Then here are the main factors to consider


The first thing to think about before buying a stroller is safety. You want to make sure it’s strong, sturdy and can protect your baby while you are shopping in malls, going for walks around the neighborhood, jogging, or on long trips out of town without but feeling that you are pushing around a piece of furniture specially in crowded places. Check out this video to see how you can do so effortlessly with the Bugaboo Fox 2 from Mumzworld.

Ease of Use:

A stroller that is easy to maneuver impacts how smoothly your daily life with a baby will be. This is crucial if you are driving around your baby for pickups, drop offs or a casual shopping spree.

You would want a stroller that you can easily fold in one hand while comfortably holding your baby in the other. This is why the Bugaboo stroller comes with a compact two-piece fold for quickly popping it back into the trunk of the car or tucking it away into tighter spaces.

Watch this video for details!


Twin mamas rejoice! Whether you are a mama of two siblings under 3 or you are indeed a twin mama, The Bugaboo Donkey 3 was designed with the comfort of you and your growing family in mind. It comes with 2 bassinets, 2 seats that could be placed facing each other or side by side, and the best part? a promise to fit through every door! Check out all its practical features here

And finally, mamas, be confident that once you find right stroller based on your criteria, you will be ready to explore the world with your baby.

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