Keeping Kids Healthy and Hydrated During School Days

Keeping Kids Healthy and Hydrated During School Days

Yes, we all know it. The daily grind begins once again – Wake up, get the kids ready, give them breakfast while making sure they take something healthy and nutritious to eat at school. Packing lunch is no easy task and it takes time and planning. Here are some tips and tricks to encourage your children into eating healthy foods during school hours.

1- Involve your Children – Make packing lunch an activity that you can do with your kids. Ask them what they would like to eat at school and then make a list of all the fruits, veggies and snacks they would like for you to pack for them for the next day.

2- Get Creative with Food – Use shape cutters to cut the fruits and sandwiches into fun shapes. The same sandwich might entice your little one more if it is cut in the shape of a star or a dinosaur.

3- Variety can save the day – Most young children are picky eaters and sometimes the food they usually like gets ignored as well. Packing two different kinds of snacks can give them an option to eat one or the other.

Now, packing two different types of snacks and lunch with a side of salad or a healthy dessert means an efficient lunchbox. Luckily, we are living in times where even lunch boxes have been revolutionised. We now have options from bento style lunch boxes to double/triple decker lunch containers. If you are looking for some good recommendations for lunch boxes then look no further:

Citron Bento - 4 Compartment Lunchbox Unicorn Printed - Pink

This lunch box comes in multiple other beautiful designs and colours! The way it’s designed helps children to eat their packed lunch without having all of the food items mixed up. It is also compact and lightweight.

OmieBox - Pink Berry

This is such a user-friendly lunch box as it has separate compartments with two types of insulation that enable storing of hot and cold food together so kids can have an entire meal in one place! Plus it has a space for name labels so kids don’t lose their favourite lunch box.

Skip Hop - Zoo Food Jar - Llama

This adorable stainless steel container will not only keep your little one’s meals warm or cold as required but also will ensure they are ready for meals-on-the-go with its built in holder for the spork or most other utensils!

Keeping Children Hydrated & Full of Energy

Living in this part of the world where summers can prolong and the heat can cause dehydration, keeping children hydrated is very important. Developing an interest in drinking water must begin during early years. While some parents worry about their children not drinking enough water, below are some tried and tested tricks that encourage children in staying hydrated during the day.

1- Get a funky water bottle – What is your child’s favorite color? What character does he/she like? Pick a water bottle for him/her that is exciting for them and one they will proudly carry around everywhere. They will automatically drink more water when carrying their favourite water bottle everywhere.

2- Milk and Smoothies – Hydration not only comes from water but also from other healthy and nourishing liquids. Make sure your children are drinking milk and milk-based smoothies or shakes at least once a day. Always ensure they are more nutritious than sweet.

3- Make a game out of drinking water – Keep a water board at home and use star stickers to stick on the water board every time your child drinks a glass of water. Target for 8 small glasses for your children and make them compete against each other or yourself.

There is a whole lot of variety in water bottles too these days. From straw based to straight up drinking pouts, from stainless steel and glass to plastic and bamboo water bottles, with straps, without caps. All these and many more choices are available on Mumzworld! Our top picks are:

Petit Collage - Stainless Steel Water Bottle Space - Blue

This lightweight and recyclable stainless steel option is super durable and vacuum insulated! Plus the pop up straw that is covered when not in use helps keep it clean for longer.

SkipHop Zoo Straw Bottle Unicorn

This is perfect for little ones with a handy grab strap provided to attach to well, everything! It also comes with an extra straw so you know this bottle will last.

CamelBak - Kids Water Bottle

This beautifully designed bottle is easy to use and clean with thanks to its wide mouth. Its patented technology also ensures its spill proof and stain resistant.

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