Cool For School, The Shoes Your Kids Really Want You To Buy Them

Cool For School, The Shoes Your Kids Really Want You To Buy Them

I am sure that both you and your youngsters have looked in awe at the one cool kid at the mall that (somewhat like Dorothy in Wizard Of Oz) clicks their heels together and starts rolling forward instead of slow walking. Aside of being fly, the shoes in question keep your children preoccupied during the second part of a mall visit, the one where they begin to feel bored and – dare we say it – a little whiney. Enter Heelys!

What’s even cooler than shoes that roll? Shoes with illuminated neon soles. Need we say more? We are dead serious when we say that we wish they made these for grown-ups but getting those for your pre-teen children will make you a very popular parent. Thank us later!

Just do it!  Get the camo patterned uber comfy NIKE sneakers for your little fashion savvy 7-12 years old who at this age is already very aware of current trends. Camo, just like the animal print, is an excellent complement to pretty much any pattern or shade in a girls wardrobe and as icing on the proverbial cake, they happen to be very comfy too. Just get a suede cleaning brush to keep the white swoosh white, and your little lady will be the coolest one on the block.

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