Looking after Mother’s Day flowers

Looking after Mother’s Day flowers

You received a beautiful flower arrangement for mother’s day – good! This means your husband took onboard the subtle hints from our previous article on the matter. What now? Ideally you’d like to prolong their lifespan and enjoy their beauty for as long as possible. We consulted our resident florist on the matter and picked up a few tips on the topic that we have shared below:


  • Thoroughly wash and rinse your chosen vase.


  • Fill the vase with fresh water and stir in the flower food which is a mixture of minerals and other nutrients missing in tap water. You will need 1 litre of water to one sachet of flower food. Be careful not to drop flower food on your clothing and do not use metal containers as the nutrients will be destroyed.


  • Remove all the packaging but keep the twine in place if you want to retain the design of your bouquet.


  • Using a sharp, clean knife, scissors or secateurs cut at least 2cm off each stem at a 45° Flowers with woody stems should be cut at an angle and split. Do not crush stems as this destroys their molecular structure and prevents water from being absorbed. Remove any foliage which may be in the water as it will decompose and the water will begin to smell and discolour, spoiling your flowers.


  • Place in a cool position avoiding direct sunlight or draughts, do not place near ripening fruit.


  • Refresh the water daily.


Enjoy your flowers!


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