Christmas is around the corner and there is no way you can skip the gifting tradition. Your young lad already knows the rules and will remind you well in advance. Running out of ideas? Let us help you a bit.


Age 5 to 12 is an age where the love for race cars, dragons, superheroes and WWE is at it’s peak amongst boys. They go flying around the house with their Superman Cape on, all day long. A simple poster of their favourite toy cars is bound to make them happier than ever. So, before you choose the perfect Christmas gifts for 5-12 years old boys, give this list a go. We know what it takes to bring a bright smile on your boy’s face.

Wrestlers compete as individuals yet the sport builds camaraderie like no other. Teach your kid the basics of any sport with this awesome Silverlit KO Robot which will give your little WWE fan an experience of real battle. The sound effects are one the coolest features of this KO Robot. He can play the game in two modes : Self training and Battling mode. It has got an awesome announcer that calls out the rounds just like how a real announcer does. Besides this, it has a smart sensor which detects how hard the opponent has been hit by him, thus fair judgement prevails. It has fantastic light and sound effects. Played with an all directional joystick which makes the movements of the robot very smooth. Here is one of the coolest Christmas gifts for 5-12 year old boys.

This one is for the little boy who lives down the lane. A fun way to get exercise and stay healthy is to ride this 3-wheeled scooter. The wheels are puncture free, so your boy is safe when he rides this scooter. It is light weighted and hence suitable for little kids. The plastic grip makes it easier for the boy to steer and the three wheels help him to balance the scooter by providing stability. Bright color, cool looks, unique designs makes this scooter curve down the road with confidence. This scooter boasts of being safe and fun-in-a-healthy-way for you little boy. One of the perfect Christmas gifts for 5-12 year boys.

You don’t need superpowers to be a super hero. All little boys are superheroes in disguise. If The Batman is his favourite superhero amongst all, then he will jump with joy on receiving this new style of headphones with Batman tonal logo in the earcups. It is in black- yes! Looks so very classy. This headphone is best suitable for kids because it has a sound limiting feature which isn’t harmful for little ears. It is compatible with any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Another added feature being the soft adjustable touch pads and headband. Sound limiting feature, Batman logo on the ear cups, compatibility – all of it make it a cool gift for your little Batman.

Help your kid learn the smart way with this Kidmate Smart Educational Robot. It is developed to take over 15 command lines. This intellectual Robot can dance, sing, talk, study with your boy and also narrate stories to him in any preferred language. It will be like his coolest buddy that will always have his back. This Robot takes its job seriously. It teaches your kid basic English, Mathematics, Logic and tests his cognitive skills. How does it interact? Through a smart mobile application which is available on both platforms, Android and iOS. Tadah! That simple. The world’s getting technical, so is education.

Picture this- Mom, Dad, kids, all jumping with joy in the backyard. Occasion being? The arrival of this 13ft square spring free trampoline. Apt for kids who are learning their coordination. Apt for teens who are practising their moves and routines, and apt for parents who are into fitness. One product but beneficial for the entire family. This spring free trampoline is what makes it safe for the jumpers. It’s soft edge mat is way more shock absorbent than those foam pads. This No Spring trampoline makes use of flexible composite rods that are positioned below the jumping surface, keeping the jumpers out of harm’s way. This will be a different, never-thought-of gift for your fun loving growing up boys. Engage in family happy hours with this Jumbo trampoline.

Once your baby boy is grown enough to balance things, it’s time you gift him with this Giant® XTC JR 24 Lite, Dark blue bike. It’s youth friendly design features a light weight ALUXX Grade Aluminium frame set. It smartly incorporates an easy to control, upright positioning and easy to straddle toptube. Comes in attractive Orange and Black colors. Flaunts Revoshift twistshifter, 7s. It’s stem is made up of forged alloy and has a 15degree rise. Your grown up but still young lad can ride all day and gain a lot of compliments. This bike is sure to make your kid independent and confident.

Turn your kids room overnight with IXXI cool wallpapers into his dream world. These wall stickers are stylish and cool designed by the Dutch designers who have developed a unique and creative way of displaying art. Using their design you can very innovatively turn your kid’s room into a world that’s a dream-come-true. Waking up to this will make their Christmas morning.

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Be the best mommy and the best daddy for your super adorable super hero with these gifts. Merry X’mas!

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