Summer Travel Hacks

Summer Travel Hacks

As summer is finally upon us, many of us will be preparing for air travel, whether it be to our home countries or for a well-deserved holiday. Travelling with kids can be daunting prospect but these useful hacks should definitely help ease the burden!

1. The changing bag: You want something roomy, easy to carry and with PLENTY of pockets. We have tried and tested a number of changing bags over the years and nothing quite beats the Sunveno backpack. This stylish yet practical bag comes in a variety of colours and is big enough to carry all your travel essentials and more. What we love even more is the number of strategic pockets it has to help keep you organised when you need something in a hurry.

2. Wipes: Even if your kids are already toilet trained a pack of baby wipes or wet wipes is a great hack for keeping sticky and grubby fingers clean, wiping down spillages, and even to freshen yourself up at the end of a long flight. Here are a few of our favourite brands:

3. A change of clothes for all of you: More often than not your little one is bound to need a full outfit change during a flight thanks to a leaky nappy or spilled cup of juice but don’t forget to pack a spare T-shirt for yourself – chances are that spilled juice is likely to land on you!

4. Snacks: Airline food is sometimes unappetising to young kids, so snacks are an essential when travelling long distances. We also recommend that snacks like biscuits, crackers or crisps are decanted into small containers to save them being squashed inside your bag. There is nothing worse than opening up a packet of biscuits and finding that it has been reduced to crumbs! Do check out these food containers which are not only practical but a bargain too:

5. Water beakers: It is important to remember to stay hydrated especially during a long flight. Taking your child’s favourite water beaker is a handy way to get them to keep sipping regularly throughout your journey and much easier than open bottles or cups which can easily spill. Here are a few of our favourites:

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