Top tips for successful home schooling

Top tips for successful home schooling

With the spread of Covid-19 and the safety of children and teachers being paramount, schools have taken to distance to best avoid further disruption of the school year.

Although distance learning has been around for several years and is followed by many universities and other educational institutions around the world, its use to make up for the school experience our children are familiar with is entirely new. So we prepared this guide for you to prepare you and your children for the remote study experience.

Speak honestly

It is very important for your children to sit down and talk to them openly, in a calm manner about the unusual circumstances the world is going through today. And to speak to them about this virus and the importance of strengthening immunity to combat it effectively. Also, inform them that school closings are a precaution to reduce the acceleration of infection with this new virus. Talk to them about the distance learning experience and tell them that it is a new and exciting experience, so it should be received with enthusiasm, like any unprecedented experience.

Embrace realistic expectations

On regular days, before the new Covid-19 situation you and your family used to follow a daily routine, as your child woke up early to eat his breakfast, dressed in school uniforms and left for school. There, he was sitting in a classroom with his colleagues, with a teacher presenting educational material and directing students to accomplish beneficial enrichment activities. Your child will remain in school for a period of no less than seven to eight hours, attending different classes, and practising sport and artistic activities. Do not expect the distance learning experience to be the same as the child’s presence in the school. Often students will only study basic subjects such as mathematics, science, Arabic, and English during the distance study period. Thus, his study period will be significantly reduced. Look at this as time also to be creative with other things that can be valuable to children to learn, for example, cooking, or mastering a new hobby, simply reading can be an enriching experience.

No stress

This experience is new and unprecedented, so it is essential to approach it calmly and with the desire to benefit as much as possible, without worry and stress. Everyone is doing what they can to get through this challenging period. You must talk to your children about the differences between the classroom learning experience and the distance learning experience and stress the necessity to adhere to it and not be concerned about it. It is vital not to compare your children’s school with other schools, as schools vary in their capabilities and access to various e-learning platforms.

Waking up early

Whether your kids’ school chooses to broadcast lessons directly through various distance learning applications, or you decide to send videos, or even send worksheets. It is important to make your children feel committed to school time. Therefore, avoid letting them stay awake longer in the days leading up to the beginning of distance study, so it is easier to wake them up early when starting the study. Also, getting up early will facilitate your presence with your children to help them if they need it while they enroll in the e-learning program.

Prepare a place to study

Whatever place your child will study, make sure before starting distance education that it is a place with a reliable Internet. And if your child used to study in his room at the office table. Ask him to arrange and equip it before starting distance learning. Creating an appropriate place to study is important in enhancing the student’s desire and willingness to learn. And if your child prefers studying in the dining room, make sure that the place is free of any distractions, and make sure not to disturb his brothers who are studying remotely around him. Encourage each of them to use a headset, so as not to disturb those around him while listening to his lessons.


Providing the requirements for distance study

As we mentioned earlier, the powerful internet that can broadcast video clips is one of the most important basics for making the distance learning experience a complete success, as it is important for making the remote work experience a success. Another essential requirement is a high-quality device, whether it is a laptop or tablet computer so that the child can follow the e-learning platforms, follow the lessons and download the worksheets he needs.


Encourage communication

Since this experience is new, it is essential to keep lines of communications opportunities open. Encourage your children to communicate with their existing teachers through the distance learning networks and ask them about any study matter that is not clear, and ask for help from them. It is also important that you maintain contact with the school, from administrators and teachers, to obtain the necessary support for you and your children during this stage. The most important communication in this exceptional period is your communication with your children, so encourage them to speak with you and ask for your help in studying so that they benefit as much as possible during this stage.

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