Travel Essentials for the Jet Setting Mums

Travel Essentials for the Jet Setting Mums

1. A Water Bottle. Hydration is essential, and unless you are flying business or first sadly, it’s somewhat of a nuisance to ask for water in flights, regardless of how reputable the airline.

2. Noise cancelling headphones. Once the little one has fallen asleep (ideally seated next to dad who is now on duty), this might be the most you’ll have enjoyed yourself in a while. Pop on that movie you’ve been wanting to see and enjoy fully immersing yourself in the experience.

3. A travel pillow. For you, once the little one falls asleep in your arms, and you’re too afraid to move as that might wake them up again. The neck support that the pillow provides will feel like the utmost comfort in that very moment.

4. Pens and colouring books. Airlines like Emirates tend always to hand them out, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

5. Aeroplane cabins, unfortunately, do not come with your own thermostat, so it’s best to be prepared for anything by bringing a wrap or scarf with you in your carry on bag.

6. A healthy snack for yourself and your little one. Kids above the age of 5 tend to really enjoy aeroplane food mostly because of the way it’s served and not the flavours as such but if you have a picky eater with you on the trip (that might as well be your husband) a chocolate/nut bar or a bag of kale chips will be a godsend if the aeroplane food doesn’t go down well.

7. Earplugs. For all the other scenarios where you don’t want to be wearing your bulky headphones but would still like to phase out the ambient cabin sounds around you, a set of earplugs is essential.

8. In-flight entertainments – sometimes only Peppa Pig will do, but you are all set – you have earplugs.

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