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The Best Coffee Machines in 2021

The Best Coffee Machines in 2021

Because of covid-19, we are all spending our time at home. Whether we work, hang out, or study – it is all inside the house. This also includes becoming our own baristas with our own coffee machines and coffee corners. Keep on reading to get to know the best coffee machines in 2021. 

What to look for in a coffee machine? 

  • 1| What kind of coffee you like? Some machines are specific to a certain kind of coffee, like American or Turkish Coffee. So, when choosing a coffee machine, pick one that suits your coffee preference.
  • 2| Budget.
  • 3| Single or double? Would you prefer a coffee machine  that has a slot for one cup, or two? Or would you like a big glass pot?
  • 4| Capsules or grounded coffee?
  • 5| Special features. Like a coffee grinder or a milk frother.

The Best Coffee Machines in 2021

Fakir – Kaave Dual Pro Turkish Coffee Machine – Rouge 

If you are a Turkish coffee lover, then this is perfect for you. This dual Turkish coffee machine has the capacity of 8 cups of coffee in 2 separate brewing chambers. Make delicious coffee with the high-quality touch control panel in no time at all. Finally, with this machine, you don’t have to keep watching it. It has a Luminasense Technology that prevents overflow, and it shows when the brewing process of your coffee is finished. Amazing, right?

De’Longhi – Combi Coffee Machine Silver BCO420 

How does not love a good creamy cappuccino? This coffee machine features special emulsion system, that improves performances in preparing creamy beverages. It also features a 2 in 1 Crema filter holder suitable for grounded coffee and E.S.E. pods. The removable espresso water reservoir makes refilling it so much easier and less messy.

Smeg – Pastel Blue Espresso Coffee Machine 50’s Retro Style 

A traditional Italian coffee maker that fits your home perfectly. It can be used with both ground coffee and paper pods, allowing you to choose among your favorite coffee roasters. It is made especially for espresso lovers. You can also make rich and foamy Cappuccino with it.

Fakir – Kaave Mono Turkish Coffee Machine – White 

This single Turkish coffee maker is perfect for your home or office. Make a rich cup of coffee simply with a click of a button. This coffee machine prevents the coffee from burning during the cooking process. It also includes illuminated & audible warnings when detecting rising foam. It prevents overflowing as well.

Solis – Barista Perfetta Plus Coffee Maker – Silver 

Deliver barista-quality coffee in your home with Solis. Its size is perfect for any kitchen, and it makes a strong and rich cup of coffee. This coffee machine features manometer simplifies the control for optimal coffee extraction. That is how you get a barista-quality cup of coffee. It also includes cups, double-wall filters, compact 44 mm pods, stainless steel tamper, milk jug, measuring spoon, filter cartridge, water hardness test strip and cleaning utensils. What more could we possibly need?

Mood Espresso – Lavazza Point Coffee Machine + Milk Frother (Free 30 Coffee Capsules) 

We introduce you to the new generation of capsule coffee machines. It is designed with a modern and compact look to save space. It adds a touch of style to your décor. Not only does it give you the perfect cup of coffee, but it also makes for a nice display.

NESPRESSO – Creatista Coffee Machine 

Latte art is what everyone is talking about lately. With the global pandemic and lockdown, many mums started doing their own latte art at home. This machine is perfect for the job. It includes automatic steam pipes, a barista milk jug, and makes milk with good consistency for you to be so creative with your latte.

Black+Decker – 900W 12 Cup Coffee maker – Black 

The most common type of coffee machines are the ones with the glass pot. The Black+Decker coffee machine is super easy to operate. It can also brew both normal and strong coffee. The drip stop mechanism to prevent spillage as well as extracting delicious coffee. The glass pot features an easy-grip handle for comfortable pouring. It is also dishwasher safe.

De’Longhi – Pump Espresso Red + Coffee Grinder – Red 

This pair is wonderful for fresh and rich coffee. Both Espresso machine and coffee grinder ensures you have a perfect cup of coffee whenever you need. Be your own barista at home and enjoy a strong espresso or frothy cappuccino. It all depends on what kind of coffee you love and making it.

Arzum Okka – Turkish Coffee Maker – Black & Gold 

Last, but not least, The Arzum Okka Turkish Coffee Maker. First of all, the black and gold design gives you royalty vibes for a royal cup of coffee. You can make either Turkish coffee or Greek coffee with it. This coffee machine distributes the foam evenly with a slow cooking feature. This captures the pleasure of the Turkish coffee slowly brewed on ember. Magical, isn’t it?