Too embarrassed to mention your Incontinence?

Too embarrassed to mention your Incontinence?

Most women realize that their bodies will go through a lot of changes after childbirth, and while they can be prepared for most of those changes, some still come as a bit of a surprise, and might be too embarrassing to talk about – yes ladies, one more thing to deal with! Urinary Incontinence is one of those conditions that not many women will want to admit to having.

While it doesn’t happen with all women, it is quite common, affecting almost a third of women during and after pregnancy.

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine. Your uterus sits on top of your bladder and as it expands, starts exerting increasing pressure on the bladder, making it increasingly difficult to control some leaking especially when you sneeze or cough.

After childbirth, if you are exercising, you might find jumping jacks and trampolines particularly challenging! For your comfort and convenience, we recommend wearing panty shields to stay fresh!

While it takes most women about three to six months for things to get back to normal, for others it can last much longer, especially after multiple childbirths, mostly due to;

  • Pelvic floor muscles are weakened after childbirth
  • Nerves that control the bladder can be damaged
  • An episiotomy

Of course, hearing that other women are going through what you are doesn’t make you happy, but it always seems a bit of a comfort when you know you are not alone!

So, what can you do about it?

  • The minute that baby comes out you start doing your Kegels – an exercise that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles! Start with sets of 20 squeezes and increase them as your muscles get stronger.
  • Bladder training – Stretching out the intervals between bathroom runs.
  • If nothing is working, pay your doctor a visit for other options.

Remember mumz, this is not something that you have to suffer in silence.

Supporting you every way we can, Team Mumzworld.

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