How Long Does it Take to ‘’Get The Hang’’ of Motherhood?

How Long Does it Take to ‘’Get The Hang’’ of Motherhood?

In the first days of new motherhood, it all seems like one wild and scary emotional, not to mention physical roller coaster. But do not despair – hang on for four months and 23 days.

Researchers have found that that is the average time it takes for a new mother to get on top of all the changes to life as she once knew it. After nearly five months, the research shows that new mums bounce back and seemingly have a routine in place finding the confidence to be able to deal with every eventuality thrown at them. Mums learn what their baby’s different cries mean, stop worrying about dealing with her child in public, know not to leave the house without snacks or spare clothes and no longer break down in tears of exhaustion. Read our article How to Become a Super Mama

The research found that key milestones like the baby sleeping all through the night or the mum not panicking when their child had a temperature were crucial in a mother feeling things had finally clicked into place.

All that being said, the first few months can be understandably a real struggle, and even it takes you 18 years to get the hang of it, that’s ok, but what’s is to savour that time too. All of us mums here at Mumzworld in hindsight wish that we’d been able to worry a little bit less.

So as you finish reading this, take a big breath

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