Poland, and why you should visit with your family!

Poland, and why you should visit with your family!

Beautiful Poland, a country rich in natural resources and one that has gone through much turmoil in the past. Poland has so much to offer the country now looks to the future with its stunning countrysides and vibrant cities. My recommendation would be to include Warsaw and Krakow leaving time to explore the northern region of Ilawa.

Here are my suggestions for your next trip to Poland!

WARSAW: Top 7 things to do in the capital city.
1) Cruise along the Wistula River: Take a sunset cruise on the meandering river offering views of the locals fishing or relaxing along the river banks.
2) Sightseeing tour with a vintage police van Nysa522: Get around Warsaw in an old vintage van that was a police vehicle during the communist regime. Sure to draw amusing looks from those around you, this is a great way to explore Warsaw.
3) Old Town: Parts of the original wall still exist in this enchanting part of the city. Make your way through cobblestoned paths that lead to little town squares where sitting in a café and ‘watching the world go by’ is a great way to spend a couple of hours. Colourful and quaint, the streets are filled with the aroma of freshly baked pastries and hot chocolate.
4) Palace of Culture and Science: This iconic tower stands tall in the heart of Warsaw and was originally built by Joseph Stalin though his name was later removed from the structure.
Fun fact: the first Polish Vogue edition was shot in front of this palace.
5) Palace on the Isle: This is a classicist palace – also known as Baths Palace. It is the city’s largest park, and the palace was originally built on an artificial island that divides the lake into two parts. In 1766 it was converted from a bathing pavilion to a summer residence complete with an English style garden. World War II brought the Germans with their plans to destroy the palace, but it was never completely destroyed.
6) Wilanow Palace: This stunning baroque palace offers a pleasant few hours of architecture and history showcasing the Sobieski family. The gardens are beautiful and deserve a stroll through.
The tour is especially fun if you take the Vintage Cars ‘Old Timers’ – classic and enjoyable!

7) Hot Chocolate in a Wedel Shop: The famous chocolatier offers a delectable array of chocolates to suit every palate – a must-do!

KRAKOW: Another of Poland’s well-known cities, Krakow is located in southern Poland not far from the border of the Czech Republic. The Old Town, with its medieval walls near the market square, is well worth a visit.

1) Wieliczka Salt Mine: this amazing 13th-century salt mine was still a working mine till 2007. There’s a beautiful Chapel underground with stunning salt chandeliers.
2) Wawel Cathedral: One of the main sights around Krakow is this 11th-century cathedral.
3) Bieszczady Mountains: If you like the mountains and hiking along scenic trails, then this is a recommended activity from Krakow.

ILLAW: If you have the time to visit the countryside, you won’t be disappointed at all. Wide-open fields, blue skies and freshly prepared cuisine including vegetables and fruits.

Top 2 things to see and do in the north Polish countryside.
1) Elblag Canal: Sailing over this canal and its unique platform system makes for a very interesting visit.
Built originally to connect the Prussian Oberland with the Baltic Sea, engineers created five inclined planes to overcome the differences in levels.

2) Palac Mortegi: Make time to visit this sprawling estate that includes a hotel, farm and restaurants. A horse carriage ride around fields of corn and wildflowers – is highly recommended.


WARSAW: Hotel Warszawa – 5-star luxury hotel located near the Palace of Culture and Science.
ILAWA: Grand Tiffi Hotel located on the lake and offers spacious rooms and modern décor.
Hotel SPA Dr Irena Eris – a luxury countryside hotel located in the lush greenery of Illawa. Perfect for a few nights R&R

PLACES TO EAT: Polish cuisine is fresh seafood, meats and vegetables. There’s something for everyone!!
1) Stixx Grill: Lovely urban venue that offers a variety of excellent gastronomy. Select from Sushi, Polish cuisine, Burgers, Kebabs and much more
2) Concept 13: A great place to eat with lovely views of the city.
3) MOD Oleandrow 8: If you love your Ramen, this is a must-do! Tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood, the diner offers the best of Asian cuisine and is well known for their doughnuts too!
4) Flaming&Co: Classy eatery offering Italian, French and American cuisine, the ambience is cosy and comfortable.

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