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Top Ideas For A Fab Birthday Celebration

Top Ideas For A Fab Birthday Celebration

Having to explain to kids why they should not have playdates, run over to the playground, or visit family is tough. Simultaneously, trying your best to manage their anxiety around a worldwide pandemic and now (unfortunately for us) having a birthday celebration virtually for most or in small groups. You might feel a bit guilty about this transformed familiar, but it helps to remind yourself that despite all the odds, we moms are always ready to save the day, right? Because all we want our children to have on this extraordinary day is a BIG smile on their face. 

Let’s go through some ideas for a fabulous birthday celebration, and please get creative and share your thoughts with us; we’d love to get inspired too!

Virtual birthday party Idea

While you may not be able to throw that big birthday bash you had planned for; there’s no reason to skip the celebration. Send out a gift card (or WhatsApp invite) for a zoom meeting. You can organize some old fashion birthday games in collaboration with other parents (very close friends or family), charades, freeze dance, a puppet show or an online karaoke party: those are all enjoyable and fun things to try on screen.

Bake together and share it with others!

Prepare a big batch of cupcakes together, allow your child to decorate them and send them over to your virtual party guests. It could be by using any safe and reliable “drop & go” delivery
service. You can arrange with other parents for the kids to have their share of cake together.
After all, who doesn’t like blowing out some party candles? Why wait till Halloween to play pretend? Let the kids wear their favorite costume and watch them
rock their dress-up party (this works best with the younger kids).

Share Cheerful Video Wishes

Get your friends, family, or child’s classmates to record a special birthday message to remind your child they are loved! You’d be surprised how creative people get in recording long-lasting memories! Encourage the little ones to make their own birthday cards and include a special note or drawing for your child on the occasion of their birthday.

Have a YES day!

How would your child like to spend the day? Any favorite movie? Food? An outdoor sports game or craft activity? Ice cream for dinner? Why not?! Free your schedule for the day
and allow your child to enjoy the things they love doing with you!

Take it Outdoors!

Being careful and socially responsible doesn’t mean cancelling special celebrations altogether. It means making simple changes to protect yourself and your loved ones while enjoying a bit of normality in making happy memories with friends and family.
The beach, the park, a big backyard are all safe enough places to throw a small birthday gathering while considering all social distancing precautions.

And finally

Gifts, Gifts and more Gifts.

If anyone deserves to be spoiled this year, it’s your child!
Take a look at the amazing collection of toys available on Mumzworld! And enjoy browsing through it together. You might want to set a budget in advance, just in case!