Girls are innocent souls. Simplest of things can make them genuinely happy. When it comes to gifting baby girls, one thinks of dolls, doll houses, shimmery party gowns and bows for those pretty curls. There’s no dearth of dolls when it comes to any girl’s play collection. Frocks are too mainstream. Headbands are cute, but a Nah for that perfect Christmas gift. Girls aged 5-12 are more into Disney and Princesses. They are princesses who dare to be different. They are princess who can rule this world. So here’s an amazing list of Christmas gifts for 5-12 years old girls who are a tad different.

On the footsteps of mommy, she looks forward to adding a dust of glamour and a shimmer of style to her playtime. She loves wearing her mom’s heels, and lipsticks. And she can’t wait to grow up. Now your little girl doesn’t have to wait to grow up till she can paint and pamper herself the way she likes. This vanity set features wooden beauty essentials for make-believe makeovers. This 18 piece set includes a sturdy wooden white and pink vanity with mirror and storage drawer, including a hair dryer, hair spray, hair straightner, flip top lotion bottle, lipstick, two shades of nailpolish bottles, makeup brushes, blush, eye shadow, applicator and what not!! One of the cutest Christmas gifts for 5-12 years old girls.  Sense of self pampering is crucial. With the reusable spa services cards she can give a makeover to herself, her doll, her friend or her teddy. Because self love is the best love.

Those Belly Backpacks are so in style right now! And if your princess views the world with her choice of hues you must gift her this OMY coloring backpack. This is 100% cotton and thus it absorbs color nicely without staining. Using ultra washable felt pens she can fill color in these small sketches made on this backpack. She can customize this bag using her creativity. And you can see her joy when it turns out to be oh-so-cool. Made in France this design&play backpack is the universal accessory which goes with any outfit. One of the most wonderful Christmas gifts for 5-12 y/o girls is right here.

Your baby girl isn’t going to let fear control her life anymore because Elsa is her new inspiration. She isn’t afraid to fall, if that’s what it takes to learn new things. So the moment you tell her about her gift waiting outside the door, she’d be after it racing down the hill on a bicycle. This Elsa themed 16 inch bike has ice-like streamers flowing from the handle bars. It’s perfect for beginner riders owing to it’s sturdy training wheels. The front bar has fast-strap carry bag hung on it, for carrying lunch or jacket or any new found treasure. This bike with reinforced training wheels is safe for the Daddy’s princess.

Every little girl is a bundle of joy. She is a princess because Daddy says so.  If your girl is into music and Disney then this Ice Queen Tiara headphone is the perfect christmas gift for her. She can listen to her favourite song with chin up, for her crown shouldn’t slip! The best thing about this headphone is that it has an inbuilt sound checker which does not play more than 85 decibels. Meant for kids of tender age, the cable attached to the headphones is lengthy enough to let the kids jump and twirl around while listening to their favorite jam. It can also be used as an accessory on cold winter evening walks.

Allow your baby girl to be a unicorn in a field of horses. Gift her this insanely adorable sleepy eyed plush unicorn. It’s ears, feet and horn have shimmer accent fabric which makes it all the more endearing. Those big dreamy eyes and that soft heavenly pink fur makes this unicorn a perfect sleep buddy. Let her sleep because when she wakes up she’ll move mountains. Made with soft saggy plush and lock washer eyes for safety, this is such a cute gift for your even cuter little lady!

This one’s for that girl who gets lost into those starry night skies. It is for the one who craves to know all about the Universe and it’s workings. Kids can harbour passion for certain things which elders cannot comprehend. But as encouraging parents, elders can support kid’s dreams and aspirations. If she dreams of flying to the moon and shooting for the stars then why don’t you just believe in her dreams by gifting her this Explorer kit, a 15X telescope. It is an extensible periscope and a Super Optic Wonder with 10 amazing functions including a mirror, a compass, magnifying glass and binoculars. Or you can teach her the optical aspects of nature with this scientific toy. As she grows up and finds it useful for her school projects and she’ll thank you much. Who knows what discoveries she can make? Just the beautiful view of the Christmas night sky will make her day.

Let your little princess be surprised by these never-before gifts. This Christmas let’s vow to make it different for her. Only cakes and candies will not do. She is growing up and she deserves a little more thoughtful gift. If you can’t make up your mind with the list above, explore more on Mumzworld. You won’t be disappointed.


Your little girl will be all smiles, guaranteed. Merry Christmas!

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