The best outdoor games and toys for kids.

The best outdoor games and toys for kids.

As we start looking forward to the end of the hot summer months, we can start to get excited about the outdoor fun and activities to come. Playing outside is so important for the whole family, not only does fresh air and sunshine do wonders for your body but it also helps to develop different skills and muscles compared to inside games.

Yulu Helix Fun this is a twist on a classic ball and bat game. Challenge yourself to keep going without it dropping or by making the distance between you further. For double fun, buy two and make it a four-player game.

Yulu Helix Fun

Plan Toys – Delivery Bike if you wanted to get the first bike, look no further than this delivery bike. It’s the perfect starting trike for your little one. It has sturdy handles and a comfortable seat, designed for toddlers and young children. It is extra stable with the four wheels and base design. The front basket allows your little one to carry around their own treasures, snacks, toys, etc. The perfect way to get your little one started on a lifetime of happy bike riding. 

Plan Toys - Delivery Bike

Step2 – Shootin’ Hoops Adjustable Junior Basketball Set this is a super great basketball hoop for children, it is height adjustable. Lots of fun to have a family game together, or for individual practice.

Step2 - Shootin' Hoops Adjustable Junior Basketball Set

Backyard Discovery – Spring Cottage this is the perfect wooden cubby house, it encompasses so many ways to play and games to share. Children can engage in pretend play, creative play, fine motor or gross motor play. It is a beautiful addition to any backyard.

Backyard Discovery - Spring Cottage

Plum – Fun V2 Trampoline Classic Wave Springsafe – this is the perfect trampoline for those with limited space. Trampolines are fantastic for children to develop their vestibular system and gross motor skills, all while having fun. This trampoline is extra safe with its weatherproofing and guards.

Plum - Fun V2 Trampoline Classic Wave Springsafe

Hostfull Double Soccer Goal Set who doesn’t love a game of backyard soccer? This is the perfect goal set for any backyard. Use it for individual practice and fun, one on one games or a team activity. Lots of fun that is ongoing as your child improves their coordination and skills.

Hostfull Double Soccer Goal Set Small

Ooh Noo – Toy Wheelbarrow a toy wheelbarrow is an opportunity for lots of play, be it helping with the gardening, playing in the sand, delivering toys around the garden, role-playing or in a completely new way. It is also a great way to help your child’s development, they practice coordinated movements to steer the wheelbarrow, strength to push it using two handles, learn about cause and effect and connect with nature.

Ooh Noo - Toy Wheelbarrow
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