Choosing the perfect reward for your Children

Choosing the perfect reward for your Children

We all enjoy being acknowledged when we work hard and do well. Adults reward themselves in various ways (perhaps a night out for dinner, a trip to the spa or a child-free day), but it is essential that children also have the opportunity for rewards.

In saying this, rewards need to be connected to a meaningful event, such as:

–    Finishing the first week of the new academic year

–    Completing a really hard assignment

–    Being helpful at home (above the expected norm)

–    Getting through a tough day

–    Or sometimes, just as a ‘you can do this, I believe in you and I love you.’ 

Rewards shouldn’t just be given out at random without any link to an event or triumph, otherwise, they risk becoming just ‘another thing’, rather than an actual reward or treat.

I always love rewards that are purposeful and can further children’s growth, development or creativity; my top picks are below:

Glitterarty Glitter Gel Pens – Multi coloured gel pens that are glittery and scented? Yes, please!

Glitterarty Glitter Gel Pens

Rex London – Magical Unicorn Erasers – Practical and cute! They can be used during pretend play or as an eraser – two in one. 

Rex London - Magical Unicorn Erasers, Set Of 6

The 65 – Storey Treehouse – This is seriously one of the best series of books, encourage a love of reading whilst providing a reward.

The 65-Storey Treehouse

Faber Castell – Pastel Color Highlighters – These are the perfect reward for older children who have homework and projects to work on, they are simply the prettiest colours and make studying a bit more fun. 

Faber-Castell - Pen 46 Pastel Color Highlighter Pack of 4

EuroGraphics Toys – Spot & Find Zoo Puzzle – A puzzle is a great reward, it is something that takes time and provides great satisfaction when you get it right. It delights and educates at the same time.

EuroGraphics Toys - Spot & Find a Day In The Zoo Puzzle

Floss & Rock – Fruit Printed Pen – Another super scented and eco friendly stationery item that your kids will want to use for everything!

Floss & Rock - Fruit Printed Pen With Fun Scent 1

Dinosaur Colouring Book – A nice reward after a stressful or busy time, beautiful illustrations for some creativity and colouring.

Dinosaur Colouring Book

Perhaps you could choose a new lunch box together? Rather than automatically buying one before school starts.

You could head out for a ‘family fun day’ where the kids get to pick an activity each, perhaps a visit to the aquarium or an indoor play park?

Never forget that the best reward of all is your unconditional love and support – no matter what happens.

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