Keep on Top of Everything this Academic Year With these Top 5 Handy Organization Tips!

Keep on Top of Everything this Academic Year With these Top 5 Handy Organization Tips!

Life gets busy and before we know it we are often snowed under with tasks, jobs and to-do’s, especially at the start of a new school year. So; instead, use these handy organisational tips from the start to ensure smooth sailing all year long.

  1. Have a clearly marked family calendar (colour coding, stickers, highlighting included) so that everyone knows what is going on and when. This helps to stop overlapping of key dates and helps to stay organised in advance. 
  2. Have a clear system and routine for before and after school – this includes; a spot where any notes from school go, a place for lunch boxes, a designated bag spot, a system for who packs lunches etc. Get the whole family involved with different tasks so everyone shares the responsibility.
  3. Have a ‘don’t forget’ note section somewhere that everyone can easily see and use. This helps with little reminders such as ‘swimming class after school today’, ‘book a babysitter for next week’ etc. Don’t forget to add a shopping list to this space as well (so whoever finishes the milk can add it to the list)!
  4. Schedule in family time. Don’t let all the ‘to-do’ jobs get in the way of important memory making and time together. Block it off on the calendar in advance and plan some nice activities together.
  5. As your children get older, get them using their own individual weekly or daily study planners, setting them up for success and an organised year themselves.

My favourite go-to organisational items that are in my shopping cart this season are:

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