Learning Made Fun With These Gadgets

Learning Made Fun With These Gadgets

As our little ones grow, it is essential to keep them stimulated in their constant development. Without getting on a ”maternal high horse” (i.e. humblebrag about our mum skills), we would like to think of ourselves as rather innovative in that department. Our “not so secret” secrets are a few gadgets we keep handy for our toddlers.

The Kano – Harry Potter Coding Kit is an interactive device that allows kids to build their wizard wands, learn how to code, create, share and even play with the Harry Potter community. Simply connect the tablet to your computer and join the Wizard World.

Kano - Harry Potter Coding Kit - Black

Do you have a curious three-year-old? Then the V Tech – Draw To Explore Creative Centre is a helpful tool to work on their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It is an interactive drawing board, minus the mess of paper and crayons, not to mention no risk of ever experiencing paint on your pristine white walls and furniture. We’d give it a go for that factor only. Did we mention that it comes with alphabet & number stamps? It is a great practice tool for eager preschoolers who look to practice their ABCs proudly.

VTech - Draw to Explore Creative Centre

Iskn – The Slate 2+ Tablet Notes Digital Drawing Pad targets older children or even us Mumz. You can use any kind of paper to draw with the Slate as well as any pencil. Use the Slate connected to your device to see your drawings live, or in screenless mode to take it and draw everywhere thanks to its integrated battery.

iskn - The Slate 2+ Tablet Notes Digital Drawing Pad - Black
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