Top 10 School Bags for 2017

Top 10 School Bags for 2017

Your kids Backpack is their school year buddy! Choose one with a comfortable design, has enough space, and equal load distribution, made from durable BPA free material, and easy to use.

SkipHop Backpacks

SkipHop clever kids backpack has a window that shows the lunch bag inside its own dedicated compartment…so you’ll never leave home or school without it! With room for full size folders – along with special pockets for artwork and notes – this cool-for-school backpack is a truly “unforgettable” choice. Each of the FORGET ME NOT kids backpacks comes equipped with a matching lunch bag and reflective clip-on charm.

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Smiggle Backpacks

Smiggle is an Australian brand, that become popular and loved by children in Australia, UK, and Europe.  Every backpack is will organized for caring laptops, books, stationary, lunch boxes, and water bottles.

What makes these bags super cool however, is their unique designs and colors that will make every kids feel super special!

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TOTEM Backpacks

It is a fashionably designed backpack with full padded support. The padded support will ensure protection of your back and shoulders. It is a fashionable bag with a relaxed feel. It is durable and endorsed by medical professionals. Not only is it the perfect choice for students, it is an ideal product for office use, gym use, sports use and travelling.

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Penny Scallan backpacks

The perfect fit for your little explorer!

Every penny scallan bag comes with a lovely style and colors, it’s made of cotton canvas with water resistance coating, ideal size to fit all your kid stuff, within a comfortable bag size, and it is BPA free as well!

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Benbat Govinci Bags

Celebrate self-expression with this one-of-a-kind backpack! A clear outer display frame lets your child showcase their latest sketches, drawings and paintings and doubles as a solid stop-and-draw work surface. Just slide in your favorite creation of the day to show off to the world!

It is also lightweight, has a durable cover that can be used as a solid work surface, and easy to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth.

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Tuc Tuc Backpacks

Tuc Tuc, a brand synonymous with creativity and design in children’s fashion and products for babies. The tuc tuc tents invite you to spend a good time in a space according to our spirit and where our purpose is that you feel good.

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Upixel Backpacks 

World’s first pixel art bag with an original patented design. Made of Eco-friendly fabrics and food-grade silicone chips. Kids and adults can express their creativity this amazing product. Includes 120pcs large pixel chips.

Zipit Backpacks

Inspire young minds with this one-of-a-kind backpack designed to turn everyday into an exciting, memorable adventure. It’s made of durable polyester and PVC, so your child can enjoy it for years to come. Each backpack organizer comes with one large interior compartment, one medium sized exterior pocket with a zipper closure, and two elasticized smaller pockets on either side. The variety of storage compartment allows you to distribute the weight evenly for added back safety. The back is equipped with padding from top to bottom and the adjustable padded straps add even more comfort.

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American Jewel Backpacks

Our large adjustable backpacks are amazing. Made out of earth friendly silicone, they’re soft and supple yet hold up to every day use.

Leather bags stain and when they get dirty once, they’re dirty forever. Cloth bags hold bacteria. But when our Earth Friendly Gummy Bags get dirty, just rinse with soapy water and they’re completely clean.

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Jansport Backpacks

Jansport make packs and outdoor gear to equip you for adventure. The kind that happens every day.

They design their products to be durable, functional, and versatile. Whether you’re headed to a concert, to class, or going off the grid—they got your pack.

All packs come with a lifetime warranty. Because good stuff should last.

JanSport is with you for life.

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