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Innovation In Feeding for Picky Eaters

A picky eater is… -A child with an unwillingness to eat familiar foods or to try new foods, as well as strong food preferences. -A child with poor dietary variety (during early childhood). -A child whose diet and nutrient composition is concerning. -A child who may experience possible adverse health-related outcomes due to this fussy/picky ...
Tips to Encourage Language Development in Children

Talking, expressing oneself and understanding others are significant milestones and skills in a young child’s life. But not all infants learn at the same pace and some children talk much sooner or later than others. As parents, the key is for us to create various opportunities for our children to develop language and reach that […]

Language Development in Children

All You Need To know How does language develop? One of the most common questions that worries mothers a whole lot is that of speech and language development. The most recurrent questions I get are “is this normal, is my child delayed or not and should I be worried”. The stages of developing speech and […]