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How to Make Friends as an Expat Mum in Dubai?

Being an expat mum is no piece of cake. Many mums living abroad feel lonely and unsettled. They feel lonely because most of their friendships are distant which can make things harder. Also, building healthy friendships as an expat mum can be challenging. While diversity is great, it can make you feel hesitant to make ...
Top 10 Lego Toys to Get for Your Kids

All children love Lego toys. They are fun, they take up a lot of time, and they help develop their skills. Therefore, Lego toys are probably the best kind of toys you can get your kids. They are both educational, beneficial, and very entertaining at the same time. Here are the top 10 Lego toys ...
School Habits Every Child Should Adapt

Returning to schools post pandemic was not easy. Every parent and child was concerned about staying safe and away from germs. And while we dropped some sanitizing habits we acquired during the pandemic. We believe we must hold on to some others, and even encourage our kids to do so too. Here, you learn what ...