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Top 10 Baby Carriers here at Mumzworld

All babies love and need their parents to hold them between their arms. They love that because it makes them feel safer and closer to their mums and dads. But carrying your baby for a long while can be exhausting for you. It can hurt your arms or legs. That is why many parents and ...
Cleaning Slime Has Never Been Easier With These Hacks

Every child out there loves slime. There is something about this gooey and colorful toy that makes it so appealing and enjoyable. Not to mention that it is a great sensory play activity. However, it can easily get stuck in places you don’t want it to. Like hair, clothes, or furniture. No worries - cleaning ...
As A Mother Who Stutters

Around the world people who stutter celebrate stuttering and bring communities together on the International Stuttering Awareness Day which takes place on 22 October of every year. In celebration of the International Stuttering Awareness Day, I wanted to share a not-so-frequently-shared perspective around stuttering. Specifically, from a perspective of a mother who stutters. Before doing ...