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Does My Childhood Influence How I Raise My Children?

Baggage from childhood - we all have those, right? Every new mum wonders about whether her own childhood can influence how she raises her own children. Many questions must be going through your head. Like what do I carry from my childhood? How does it influence me raising my own kids? Does it affect me ...
10 Winter Accessories You Need this Cold Season

Warm clothing season is here. And we need to do our best to keep ourselves and our little ones safe and warm. This applies to all mums. Whether you live in a cold wintery place, or a less rainy region like GCC. Temperatures in the Gulf region might not be as cold as other countries. ...
Riding the Tantrum Waves

I can’t think of something that can get under a parent’s skin like their child’s tantrum waves. Whether it happens at home or in public, the underlying feelings are usually the same. Frustration, irritation, anger perhaps, and maybe even shame. Having three boys under the age of three, I get my fair share of tantrums ...