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How to Care for Your Baby’s Belly Button

Have you ever wondered how your baby gets his or her nutrition as a fetus? Well, they get it by the help of the placenta which is connected to you through the umbilical cord. And when delivering a baby, doctors cut a big part of that cord. As for the remaining part, it stays attached ...
Studying During Summer Break: Yes or No?

With summer break right around the corner, both you and your kids will get plenty of rest. You will be able to take a break from waking up at 6 am. And your kids will take a break from rushing to school half asleep. They will be able to take a break from studying, homework, ...
Detoxing Drinks for Your Body Post Menstruating

We ladies should always take care of our bodies. Especially during menstruation to keep our periods regular and healthy. Keeping in mind that there are many things that might make them irregular. Such as hormonal disorder, malnutrition, and experiencing a miscarriage. Also, getting bad blood collected in your body can cause illnesses or infections that ...