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Expats Ramadan Guide: Everything you Need to Know

Ramadan is upon us, and it brings about a number of changes for expats living in the UAE. It is a significant month of the Islamic calendar, and a wonderful opportunity to understand and embrace the local culture. If this is your first Ramadan, refer to our handy Expats Ramadan Guide! Visit our Ramadan Store ...
New year, new blender: Top 10 blenders in 2024

Buying home appliances is not a random process. For example, when buying a blender, there are many things to take into consideration such as size, use, and budget. Eitherway, worry not. Because we prepared the ultimate guide to choosing the best blenders in 2024!  How to choose the right blender for me?  To do, you ...
How to Write a Resolution that Can Stick

How many of us have woken up on New Year’s Day with that exact attitude. We start out strong in the first couple of months, but then as the months pass we start to fall off the wagon. The excitement of the new year dies down, and we slowly go back to our old habits. ...