Why Choose Organic?

While we can’t limit all of our children’s exposures to toxins in the surrounding environment, we do as mums have a say in the food they eat. And one of the best ways to limit their exposure to these chemicals is to choose an organic diet. Because of the persistence of pesky pesticides in the ...
Making the most of what’s left of the Dubai Winter.

There is no hiding the fact that our lives here in the UAE is heavily dictated by outside temperatures. Mercury rising puts an end to beachside frolics, al fresco dining is a mere memory and healthclub treadmills replace the Kite Beach running track. Having said that, we still have a month or so left of […]

Why we should be more like toddlers.

Toddlers. Those little tiny humans given to us to keep us on our toes, our tippy toes to be very exact. I am new to the mother of a toddler status and while for the most part, I am taking every day as it comes, patting myself on the back for surviving, I truly believe ...
5 Benefits of Dance Classes for Children

Attending classes in the arts, has been proven to help improve overall physical and mental wellbeing. When learning to dance, children exercise and learn on an unconscious level, whilst having fun dancing to their favourite songs.  Through commitment and practice, skills such as rhythm, timing and a new, often complicated sequence of steps are learnt.  […]

A Smart Way to Travel to Dubai

Traveling to Dubai on a low budget may sound like an impossible task, right? When we say traveling to Dubai we think of the luxurious hotels, hidden treasures and lavish Arabian night, and this is absolutely right. But there are still other options for those who travel on a budget. 1| Zabeel Park one of ...
How Do You Prepare Your Children for a New Baby ?

You adore big families and want a house filled with life and children’s laughter, and you’re getting ready to have a new baby, but you’re a little worried. How will your children react? Do you have to let them know that they’ll be welcoming a brother or sister soon? Here are a few tips to ...
Common Mistakes Parents Make While Hiring a Nanny

Hiring a nanny for your child is not a simple process and can be quite stressful. While you can contact reputable recruitment agencies through online platforms like ServiceMarket to employ a nanny, the hiring process does not end here. In order to employ the right person for your kids you need to not only interview ...
Keeping Kids Healthy & Hydrated During School Days

Yes, we all know it. The daily grind begins once again – Wake up, get the kids ready, give them breakfast while making sure they take something healthy and nutritious to eat at School. Packing lunch is no easy task and it takes time and planning. Here are some tips and tricks to encourage your […]

7 Reasons to Visit Ticino in Switzerland

Located in the south of Switzerland, Ticino has long been one of the most charming regions of the country. Lugano, Locarno and Ascona are three of the most idyllic towns to visit when you are there. More Mediterranean in climate than the rest of the country, Ticino offers the opportunity to visit her emerald lakes, […]

Are you buying the correct school bag for your child?

Yes, it’s that time of the year, back to school and the last minute running around getting all your children’s school things ready! Of course, on top of the list is choosing your child’s school bag, but how important is it, to choose the right school bag? As parents, we worry on how much weight […]