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How to Beat Summer Heat in Dubai!

Hey there, it's Dietitian Diana, are you thinking of hoe to beat the summer heat? I'm here with some nutrition hacks to help you not just survive but thrive this summer. Let's dive into these tips to keep you feeling cool, energized, and ready to tackle whatever the Dubai heat throws your way! How to ...
Nourishing Young Minds: Brain Foods for Back-to-School Success

Hey there, fabulous parents! As the back-to-school season rolls around, I know you're eager to give your kids all they need for a successful academic journey. And guess what? Nutrition plays a major role! Yeah, you heard me right—what your little ones munch on can seriously impact their cognitive function and academic performance. That's why ...
How to stay active during Ramadan?

 Although fasting can boost your health, some people find it hard to stay active during Ramadan. check our tips to keep healthy and stay fit during Ramadan! Explor Our Ramadan Collection How to stay active during Ramadan?   1| Eat Right First off, let's talk about nourishing your body with healthy foods. It's important to ...