Ease your baby’s eczema by avoiding these common triggers

Ease your baby’s eczema by avoiding these common triggers

You can’t fix your child’s eczema problem if you don’t know what it is and where it stems from. Here’s a handy guide to identifying the everyday irritants that cause your baby’s gentle skin to break out.

Dry skin is a universal condition, and those who live in the arid heat of the Middle East typically face a tougher time than most.

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis is, in simple words, dry skin attributable to more than just lack of hydration. The itchy skin condition is most common in young ones, and dermatologists suggest that almost 15 to 20 percent of children around the world battle eczema and its many symptoms.

It starts with a rash or a dry patch, which if not cared for properly can turn into an ailment that is hard to relieve even years later. Although the exact cause and cure for eczema remains unknown, there are various external and internal triggers that can lead to a breakout. The key to a happy eczema-free baby is to first identify what the irritant may be, and then stay patient and stress-free while treating whatever’s hurting the precious skin of your little one.

To help you spot and treat a breakout before it gets worse, here are four common triggers of eczema as identified by the pediatric skin experts behind Aveeno’s naturally derived skin products.

1| Tummy Troubles

Eczema, much like other immune-system ailments, is often triggered by food allergens. And as a general rule, the most common food triggers for skin flare-ups are cow’s milk, eggs, nuts and gluten/wheat. Not only should parents consult dieticians for eczema-proof diets, nursing mothers should also steer clear of allergens to avoid affecting their baby by contact.


 2| The Stress Factor

As much as we’d (sometimes) like to swap lives with our babies and revel in their ‘eat, sleep, play and repeat’ routine, eczema can be extremely distressful for them as the uneasiness of itchy and painful skin can be difficult to get rid of. The early signs of a flare up can trigger stress in your child, which causes the symptoms to ramp up quickly – creating a distressing, self-fulfilling prophecy. In some cases, eczema can also disrupt sleep and eating habits in the long run, which are further causes of stress that make a breakout more likely.


Ease their struggles by providing your baby with the most indulgent skin routine that relieves stress and helps them get a peaceful night’s sleep. The Aveeno Baby Barrier moisturizer is one such product designed to help relax and soothe baby’s inflamed skin through a rich formula that protects the body from rashes and redness while restoring the skin’s natural barrier and hydration.

3| Chemicals in laundry, fabrics and more

Synthetic cloth fibres are made using certain chemicals that have a tendency to trigger your baby’s skin conditions. To ease eczema flaring, opt for organic cotton and natural clothing produced without the use of toxins, harsh chemical bleaches, or dyes. These fabrics are typically made of allergy-free threads that minimize the chance of irritation to your young one’s skin.

 4| Invisible irritants

Finally, dust, pollen and dust mites are some of the most causes of allergic reactions in even the most immune individuals. Babies are particularly prone to dust mite allergies caused by their droppings, which can be found in carpets, bedding, and even their soft toys. Even though it’s impossible to eradicate every speck of dust from your house, it is worth being extra vigilant about damp dusting and purifying the air of the house on a regular basis.


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