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An Important Milestone for Your 1 Month Old Baby

Parents are always wondering about what milestones should their kids meet at each age, starting from day one and until they are old enough to get through life challenges by their own.

For each Mum it’s a journey full of joy, new discoveries, and new feelings to experience every day, Dr. Rania Hawayek is sharing a one important yet not expected milestone for babies at one month old, to support you through this love journey.

keeping track of your baby development helps you in ruling out any abnormalities or health issues at an early stage, and to have the right support and guidance from your kids pediatric.

This is the first video from a series of videos Dr.Rania Hawayek will share with Mumzworld Community in the coming weeks, stay tuned for surprising facts, tips, and ideas to help you care for your bundle of joy!