Top 10 toys for your Newborn Baby

Top 10 toys for your Newborn Baby

Newborn babies need stimulating toys that engage and spark curiosity, these toys are perfect for using during tummy time and play time.

  1. Moulin Roty Mouse

I will admit, I am a bit biased to any toy made my Moulin Roty – they really understand the toy market for new-born babies. This mouse has so many colours and textures that will captivate your bub whilst having lots of bits to grab and hold and a lightweight design, making it the perfect first soft toy for a new bub.


  1. Oball

this ball is perfect for new bubs as they grow and develop, it has holes and is light weight making it easy for little fingers to grab and hold. With a range of colours, it is sure to spark some intrigue.


  1. Tipi Play Gym Frame & Toys Set of 5

I love this gym frame because it’s so universal and adaptable. Lay your new bub underneath and let your baby look and explore, easily change and add more to the frame as bub grows and develops. Add some colourful ribbon or fabric, some bells or another toy to keep your bub interested!


  1. Done by Deer – Elphee Activity Book – Grey

the perfect first book for your new-born. Each page has it’s own amazing feature and is chew proof.


  1. Floor Mirror

bubs love mirrors, the concept of reflection is unknown and it appears that they have a new friend to play with! This mirror is perfect for tummy time as it sits perfectly for your new baby to explore (keep it out for every tummy time session) – it’s surrounded with different fabric and textures that make sounds and feel different, so many wonderful ways to learn in one item!


  1. Fiesta Crafts – Bee Spiral Toy

this spiral toy is perfect for adding onto the pram, cot or play frame. It has a rattle, mirror, squeaky star and a crinkly flower, making it textually and visually appealing for your bub.


  1. The First Years – My First Rattle

an easy grip and explore rattle, colorful and inviting.


  1. Lamaze Cheery Chirpers Flamingo

this adorable flamingo will soon become a favorite for your bub, as they hold this colorful toy and move, it will make sounds, prompting them to explore where it came from and replicate it. These strengths their hands and arms whilst helping with listening skills. It’s also small enough to pack in your bag when you are out and about.

  1. Moulin Roty – Zig & Zag Activity Drum 

a toy that has it all, color, texture and surprise sounds. Helps facilitate baby and parent playtime.


  1. Hape – Rotating Music Box

this music box is perfect to stimulate your baby’s auditory senses. Sounds, colors and movement – perfect for them to listen and watch. Especially handy as a distraction for bub during a nappy change.



Note: When your baby is asleep toys create a safety risk and should be removed from the cot.

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