What do you know about their first haircut?

What do you know about their first haircut?

What do you know about their first haircut? They’re your newborn baby, not more than a few months old, but their hair is growing fast and you can’t ignore it any longer. Do you know how to cut it yourself? Here are some helpful instructions.

How Do You Cut Their Hair Yourself?

Necessary Steps

1| First, remember not to give them their first haircut before they’re six months old. After that point, they can sit up better than before. So have them sit in their high chair because it will help you steady them.

2| Wet their hair and brush it gently. Start the process by cutting the hair on either side of their head. Hold each lock between your index and middle finger, then cut it so that it reaches just below their ears, no more. Don’t forget that their hair protects them from the effects of sunburn, heat, and cold.

3| Then cut the hair on the back of their head. Go from the hair on the sides and continue cutting around their head. However, it’s best not to uncover a large part of their neck.

4| Finally, move on to the bangs. Divide them into two sections. Stand behind your child and hold up each section of hair between your index and middle finger, cutting them so that the bangs falls just above the eyebrows. But be careful! The bangs must be cut evenly.

Necessary Instructions

-If you want to make sure you’re cutting your child’s hair safely, give them a toy to play with while they sit in their high chair.

-Choose your scissors with care. It’s best if the edges aren’t serrated, to help you cut their hair easily.

-Try not to grip their head to stabilize it, as this will upset them.

-After you have cut their hair, massage their scalp and then brush their delicate hair with a soft-bristled brush in all directions. This will help them relax.

-Never use a hair dryer on your child’s hair. Their scalp is sensitive and could be damaged by the heat.

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