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How to Tell if You are Ready for Another Child?

How to Tell if You are Ready for Another Child?

Are you thinking of having another child? Does that thought often cross your mind? Does it confuse just as much? Many mums are worried about the right time to have another baby. As having another baby, whether second or third, needs both you and your spouse to be ready. Here, you will learn all the signs that tell you that you are ready to have another child! 

Are You Ready for Another Child? 

Here are six questions that will help you determine whether you are ready to have another baby or not: 

1| Do you feel ready for another child?

Sometimes, feeling that you are ready is just enough to have another child. That feeling in your gut to relive that experience all over again is a big sign. When ideas like preparing a newborn’s wardrobe, holding a newborn baby, breastfeeding are consuming you. Then yes, you are ready. The way those things make you feel can tell you whether you are ready or not. So, if they do not, you shouldn’t rush or expect it to come along eventually. But you have to be perfectly happy about the idea of having a newborn baby to know you are ready.  

2| How’s your relationship doing?  

Couples often worry about their relationship when having kids. If a couple is having a little issue in their relationship, then having another baby is not going to fix it. First, you must maintain your relationship, reignite the spark, and then consider having another baby. 

Have long conversations with your spouse about having another baby. Why would you want it or not? How might it affect your marriage? Can you share the responsibility of two or three kids? If you feel you cannot fully answer those questions, then take a rain check. Revisit the topic a few months or even a year later and see how you feel about it then. Communicating with your spouse tells a lot about whether you are ready for another baby or not.  

3| Is your life balanced and settled?  

Mums often fear having another baby, because they might drown in responsibilities and forget themselves. Therefore, you must achieve balance in your life before considering having another child. Also, make sure not to decide on that while doing something else that is just as important. For instance, do not consider having another baby while you are potty training your other child. The same goes for changing homes or jobs. Once you feel you are balanced, settled, and ready – then you can consider having another child. 

4| Is your body ready for another baby? 

Mums who just gave birth should wait at least 18 months before considering getting pregnant again. That is according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. There are many reasons behind this. First, it gives your body the necessary time to rest and recover. As it regains the strength it put during the first pregnancy. Also, putting a gap between pregnancies helps you avoid major health concerns like giving birth to a preterm baby. It is a very good idea to get back on contraceptives during postpartum to avoid an accidental pregnancy. 

5| How are you doing financially? 

We do not believe that you should put off having a baby because of this. But you cannot also dismiss it fully. How you are doing financially affects how you are going to prepare for your baby. Newborn babies have many expenses, and it gets more as they grow old. Between diapers, hospital fees, clothes, and other expenses. So, if you or your husband are in between jobs, and you are facing financial instability. Then it is best to postpone having another baby until all is settled down and you are doing well. 

6| Do you have the support you need? 

Support from friends and family is very important when it comes to having another child. If your parents and in-laws are excited for another grandbaby, then you will feel excited yourself. So, run the idea by them if you feel ready yourself. Because you might find wonderful support from them to help you take this step! 

7| Is there a good age gap between your first and second? 

Having two babies that are both less than 2 years old is a lot. It will be very challenging, time and effort consuming, and it won’t get any easier. Therefore, make sure you plan good and enough age differences between your children. Many experts and experienced mums believe that waiting for your baby to turn 3 years old before having another baby is the best.