Common mistakes parents make while hiring a nanny

Hiring a nanny for your child is not a simple process and can be quite stressful. While you can contact reputable recruitment agencies through online platforms like ServiceMarket to employ a nanny, the hiring process does not end here. In order to employ the right person for your kids you need to not only interview ...
Establishing Eye Contact with children

Communication is a major pillar of healthy and successful parenting. You can communicate with your child, even before he or she start talking and can successfully perceive your words. You can communicate with your little one just by looking at them and establish positive eye contact. Eye contact is an essential part of communication and ...
Top 10 Parenting Resolutions for the New Year

Parenting is not about striving for perfection. Yet, a new year gives us an opportunity to get over our past parenting blunders and start afresh. Here is a list of top resolutions to get you started.   New Year Resolutions are those promises that we annually make to ourselves, but invariably end up breaking – […]

Is Spanking Okay to Some Extent?

Whether it is a light rap or a hard slap, spanking is condemned by researchers, Some parents believe that spanking has its place in disciplining a child. Let’s put the debate to rest. Let’s examine some alternatives. Most parents remember being spanked at some point in their lives. As a result,they accept it as a […]

Top 10 Ideas To Ease Out Your Daily Parenting Routine

As a parent, you will always want to be the ‘Best Parent in the World’, at least in your child’s eyes. And this is how most of the parents exhaust themselves. They gun for perfection and create a lot of stressful situations in their own lives. From getting the kid ready for school to cooking […]


I just want to share with you my personal story, how a man was dragged into mothers and babies’ world by working out. One day, I was visiting my little nephew. I was never “good” with babies and kids in general. I am always a little nervous when I am around them though. That was […]


  It is exciting to bear another life inside you. Pregnancy and baby birth bring a feeling of euphoria, like never before. However, all hell breaks loose when you share the news with the world. Almost everyone has something to say to you. The truckloads of advice that comes through is confusing, exasperating and simply […]


Flashback Children from the 80s and the 90s have despised their parents at some point or the other for forcing the menu down their throats, for being in control, for not giving in to their demands and so on. Parents back then made it very clear as to who was the boss at home. Mothers […]