3 Reasons to Use Yoga to Accelerate Your Hair Growth

Yoga is a practice that has been around for centuries but only in recent decades has it gained popularity among the general population. This is likely due to its variety of physical and spiritual benefits.   But did you know that yoga may also play a role in one of the greatest problems faced by ...
Mumzworld soars to #1 Funded Women-Led e-commerce Company in the Middle East

By closing $20 Million Series B with Gulf Islamic Investments LLC (GII)   The funds will be used to Disrupt the massive, rapidly growing, and under-served e-commerce market in KSA Boost Automation and Line Extensions as part of the company’s innovation agenda to elevate the consumer experience even further Continue to grow the brand’s footprint as […]

Keeping Kids Healthy & Hydrated During School Days

Yes, we all know it. The daily grind begins once again – Wake up, get the kids ready, give them breakfast while making sure they take something healthy and nutritious to eat at School. Packing lunch is no easy task and it takes time and planning. Here are some tips and tricks to encourage your […]

Are you buying the correct school bag for your child?

Yes, it’s that time of the year, back to school and the last minute running around getting all your children’s school things ready! Of course, on top of the list is choosing your child’s school bag, but how important is it, to choose the right school bag? As parents, we worry on how much weight […]

A Parent’s Checklist For Children’s Oral Health

As a parent, it’s only natural to want the best for your kids — and there’s no doubt that laying a good foundation for their future includes caring for their overall oral health. Even before your children have teeth, you can take steps to care for their mouths. From wiping your infant’s gums with a ...
Meet Mona Ataya: Mumzworld CEO

In depth interview with Mona Ataya, the Founder and CEO of Mumzworld.com. In this interview Mona talks in depth about the story behind launching mumzworld, her childhood, her entrepreneurship journey and how to survive in today market. She is a leading entrepreneur and a role model within this region. In 2013, she was listed among ...
Breastfeeding: going back to the past to secure our future

Prior to the 1980s everyone all over the world was breastfed. If a mother couldnt breastfeed she would give her baby to a wet nurse to feed. Then formula was introduced and everyone belived that formula was better than breastmilk. Mothers first used to make formula in their kitchens, then they where manufactured in factories. ...
Suhoor Foods to Keep you going this Ramadan

During Ramadan, people who are fasting have two main meals – Iftar when they break their fast after sunset, and at Suhoor, the pre-dawn period when people usually wake up to have a small meal and water to sustain them for the day until they break their fast at sunset. Eating wisely is essential to ...
The Spiritual Meaning of Ramadan for Families

When most people think of Ramadan, they tend to only think of the fasting aspect of it and overlook the very significant spiritual side of it. They might think happily of the shorter working days and shorter school hours as well, which is all good, but there is so much more to Ramadan than that. […]

Pregnancy and Fasting during Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching and if you are an expecting mother, you might be contemplating whether it is safe for you and your baby to fast. Your obstetrician should be the first person you consult on whether it is safe for you to fast or not. In high risk pregnancies, it ...