How Do You Prepare Your Children For a New Baby

How Do You Prepare Your Children For a New Baby

You adore big families and want a house filled with life and children’s laughter, and you’re getting ready to have a new baby, but you’re a little worried. How will your children react? Do you have to let them know that they’ll be welcoming a brother or sister soon? Here are a few tips to help you pave the way for the arrival of a new prince or princess in your little kingdom.


1| First, the decision to have a new baby should be because you and your husband want one, and not just because your child is insisting that they’re lonely. It’s similar to choosing the newborn’s name: of course, you can take suggestions from the children, but they should know that you and Dad will make the final decision.


2| Don’t be afraid of the idea of favoring one child over the other. A mother can’t make that kind of distinction among her children, but it’s natural for you to focus on the baby until they grow up, and the sick child until they heal, as the proverb goes.


3| Wait until after the first three months of pregnancy before announcing your pregnancy to your child. After that, you can involve them in what you’re feeling in general; just try to keep them away from your fears, like your worry about a miscarriage, for example.


4| When you prepare a special place for the baby on the way, make sure it doesn’t infringe on your older child’s space; you don’t want them to feel like someone is taking their place. It’s preferable for each of them to have their own room; if this isn’t an option, try to put accordion room dividers between them to allow each to keep their independence.


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5| When your baby is born, don’t forget to buy presents for your older child so that they don’t feel forgotten or that all the new toys and clothes are just for the newborn, who arrived and started “stealing” all their things.


6| Don’t be afraid of sibling rivalry; jealousy between them is healthy. Try to teach your children that it’s essential to share everything (toys, sweets, clothes, etc.), and there’s no need to panic if you feel your older child is acting like a baby. This behavior is natural and temporary. Reassure them and give them more attention and have faith that they will return to normal as soon as they feel that your love for them hasn’t changed or been affected by the arrival of the new baby.


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