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Your Ultimate Guide for Back to School in Dubai

Your Ultimate Guide for Back to School in Dubai

For all mums out there and especially in Dubai, here is the ultimate guide to prepare your children to head back to school. Starting with getting back to school routine, and dealing with back to class anxiety. Along with everything you need from school bags, lunch boxes, and stationary for this new school year. Do not forget to reach out to teachers and fellow parents to make sure your kids get the best school experience possible. 

Your A to Z Guide for Back to School

Get back to a routine 

After a long and fun summer vacation, getting back to a routine can be challenging. Sleeping early, waking up early, preparing breakfast and packing lunch bags can all be so overwhelming for both you and your children. Especially that we haven’t experienced this morning hassle since Covid-19! 

Plan a proper schedule to organize your day. Set up a strict schedule including bed time, wake up time, and after school chores and study time. This will help your children as well to stay organized and help them stay on track when it comes to their school work and homework. 

To get the best results out of a back to school routine, we suggest starting it a week before the new school year begins. This way morning hassle and waking up late can be avoided. 

We bet your children were playing video games all through summer vacation, right? Well, try using video games to enhance both a good routine and school performance. 

Reach out to teachers and school community 

With the past virtual learning experience we have all been through, reaching out to teachers became very easy. All you had to do was send in a text message or an email to talk to them and follow up on the school year plan. Now since we are heading back to face to face education, use this chance to meet the teachers and school community. This includes fellow parents, principles, guidance counselors, and everyone who plays a role in your child’s education.

It is very important to listen to what teachers and administrations have to say about this school year.  We assure you that everything they say and direct will benefit your children’s education. Not only will they explain new rules, but they will also help you work through your worries and help you plan your routine and schedule for after school. Some will even help you plan your back to school in Dubai shopping list. 

Meeting teachers at the beginning of the new school year makes following up with them throughout the year easier and more efficient for your kids. It will build a great foundation for making sure your kids are getting the best education possible. 

Check out what questions you should ask your child’s teachers before the year ends. 

In case of back to school anxiety, here is what to do

First of all, it is completely normal to face either back to school anxiety or refusing to go back to school. This can be caused by many factors such as:

  • – Separation anxiety – especially that your children were by your side almost 24/7 the past two years.
  • – Fear of failure, and fear of new places and new experiences.
  • – Social struggles whether to make new friends, reconnect with old ones, or communicate with teachers. Bullying also scares children a lot and makes them refuse going back to school. 
  • – Stepping out of their comfort zone. It can be challenging to be back in class after our children created their own comfort zones within our homes. 

Many other factors can contribute to refusing to go back to school and creating anxiety. The good news is, as mums, we can help our children solve this smoothly. You can start by monitoring your children before actually going back to school in Dubai. Check out any signs that tell you they are afraid of going back to class. You should also create a bond with them in order to make them comfortable to talk about this. 

Another great tip to ease going back to school is getting your children excited about it through shopping. Every child has a favorite cartoon character or a superhero. Take them shopping, and you can do that online, and let them pick a backpack, lunch box, and stationary for themselves. Keep helping them look forward to using those great new items. This will boost their confidence and make them more excited to be back in class. 

Check out more tips to overcome back to school anxiety. 

Shop for back to school essentials:

Shopping back to school in Dubai is so much fun and exciting for both us mums and our children.

1| Backpacks 

When buying backpacks or school bags for your children, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure you get the size right. Many parents believe that getting a bigger backpack is better – but it is not. Check the bag’s straps as they are important to keep your child safe and pain free. Most straps are padded and safe, but some are not and you need to be careful. Every school age has different requirements when it comes to buying a school bag. Juniors need small and lightweight backpacks, middle schoolers need bigger ones or trolley bags, and high school students need bags with many compartments. 

2| Stationary 

The best thing about reaching out to teachers and understanding the school year plan is that it helps you buy everything you need in advance. Whether it’s pens, pencils, coloring pencils, notebooks, and any other stationary items your kid might need.

3| Lunch boxes for back to school in Dubai

Every child needs his or her own lunch box and lunch bag. Preparing lunch boxes ensures your children stay healthy and full during a long school day. As there are many lunch options that you can pack for your kids, there are plenty of options for lunch boxes as well. Check out the bundles which include a lunch bag, box, utensils, and water bottle.

4| Water bottles

Staying hydrated during the day is really important. Especially if you live in Dubai where the weather is always hot or warm. Also, getting a special water bottle for your little ones encourages them to drink water during the day to stay hydrated and energetic. 

5| Safety essentials

Yes, we are finally back to face to face learning – but we still need to protect both ourselves and our children from Covid. Get your children the right safety essentials including face masks, shields, and sanitizers to keep all germs and viruses at bay. 

Children might get bored or forget about those safety essentials. That is why we recommend you having a prolonged conversation on why they are so important. 

Also read: How to talk to your kids about COVID-19

6| Clothes 

Make sure to prepare your child’s clothing needs before the first day of school. Go shopping for socks, shoes, undergarments, and school uniforms if needed. Make sure your kids try them on to make sure they fit perfectly and are comfortable. 

7| Educational toys

Many children may hate the idea of going back to school because they associate it with no more fun. Change that by getting your kids fun and educational toys that will entertain them and help their school progress at the same time. All experts agree that learning through play is the best.

Keep your kids safe

As we mentioned before, going back to school after Covid-19 needs a lot of precautions to stay safe. Talk to your children about the importance of wearing a mask and sanitizing at all times. But keeping your kids safe is not just about that. 

If your children have any medical condition, you must make sure that the school is aware of it. If they take any kinds of medication, make sure to ask their homeroom teacher to ensure so. Also, always keep an emergency card with your kids. This card would include all important information that your kids might need in case of an emergency. It would include your phone number, address, work address, work phone number, and any other information you see necessary. 

Set up a school day schedule 

One of the hardest things to do after being back to school is getting children to do their school work afterwards. That is why it is so necessary to have a schedule set up for your children. For example, once they get home from school they shower, rest, and eat. Set a specific time where everyone should start doing their homework. Encourage them by setting rewards like whoever finishes first gets to pick a movie for the night, or extra time on a video game. This will reinforce their sense of responsibility to do their work and stay motivated. It will also make it easier for you to follow up on their school progress. 

For all the Mums preparing for Back to School in Dubai 

All mums in Dubai, and basically all UAE, are excited that their children are going back to school. Reach out to your children’s school and meet up with them regularly as much as you can. Before the school starts, take a tour at the school with your kids and explore it. This comes in very helpful especially if your kids have not been to school yet. It will encourage and excite them to be back in school. Also, many schools in Dubai offer special platforms for parents to stay connected with the school. Such platforms can either be mobile apps or Facebook groups. Make sure to join them or download the app for your children’s school to stay engaged in their education journey. You can also reach out to parents to share advice and experiences. This will be super handy too when it comes to plan playdates and group outings.

In addition, you can follow KHDA social media accounts to get all the updates you need along with back to school guides.