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10 Things you can do to reduce plastic in your household.

10 Things you can do to reduce plastic in your household.

Thank you for being here, for reading this, it shows that you care about our planet and want to do your bit to help the environment. It can seem like an impossible task, however there are lots of small and easy things that you can do at home to reduce the amount of plastic being put in the bin (and consequently landfill).

Try one or all of these ten tips this week:

Use recyclable bags when you buy and weigh fruit and vegetables at the supermarket, instead of the single use plastic bags that supermarkets provide. You could use an alternative bag like this Blue Water Bento – Dolphin Lunch Bag – Light Green, or Whitmor – Fine Mesh


Swap plastic ziplock bags for reusable fabric snack bags, they can be used again and again, are waterproof and washable and they are super cute! Instead of buying single serve packets, buy a bulk packet and divide it into these snack bags instead.

Recycle – before throwing plastic in the bin, think about how else you could use it to give it a second life in your home. Could it be used to store something else? Could it be used for art and craft? Could it be refilled?

Where possible, use glass jars for pantry storage instead of plastic containers. Take the empty jar with you to the supermarket and fill it directly from the scoop it yourself spice, grain and dried fruit section. You will reduce the amount of plastic waste, as well as having a super organised and cohesive pantry – a win win.


Don’t buy single use plastic water bottles when you are out and about, instead be prepared and carry a reusable drink bottle that you can fill up on the go.


BYO straw. Plastic straws are destroying our oceans and hurting our environment (while being a choking hazard for lots of animals), instead of accepting plastic straws when you order a drink, whip out a reusable metal straw. Not only will you be on trend with the cool eco mums, but you’ll also be making a big difference to the environment.


Swap plastic shopping bags with eco tote bags. I always carry one with me when I am out and about, they are sturdy and light weight. Re-use it over and over again!

wcme-2018373-save-the-ocean-eco-bag-zero-waste-durable-canvas-tote-bag-keep-calm-and-save-the-ocean-1516451932 (1)

Think about changing the type of nappies that you use, instead of nappies that are created with lots of plastic that doesn’t break down, think about using reusable diapers – they are good for bub’s skin, they are washable, they come in super cute patterns plus they are great for the environment.

Make sure the plastic that you do have in your household is disposed of in a responsible way (in other words; it’s actually recycled and not left for landfill).

Have a family challenge – collect all the plastic that you would usually throw
away during a month (I was shocked when I did this myself, it was so much more than I expected), then set your family a challenge to have a smaller amount the next month.

Do you have other ideas and tips that are working in your house to reduce plastics? Let us know in the comments below!

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