Poland, and why you should visit with your family!

Beautiful Poland, a country rich in natural resources and one that has gone through much turmoil in the past. Poland has so much to offer the country now looks to the future with its stunning countrysides and vibrant cities. My recommendation would be to include Warsaw and Krakow leaving time to explore the northern region […]

7 Reasons to Visit Ticino in Switzerland

Located in the south of Switzerland, Ticino has long been one of the most charming regions of the country. Lugano, Locarno and Ascona are three of the most idyllic towns to visit when you are there. More Mediterranean in climate than the rest of the country, Ticino offers the opportunity to visit her emerald lakes, […]

8 Reasons to cruise with your family!

 Cruises are the best family holiday experiences to do together. Gone are the days when cruising was perceived as something you did when you have retired. Cruise ships are bigger and better than ever before offering guest experiences such as shopping arcades, water slides, acrobatic shows, extravagant theatre shows and incredible dining options. And while there […]

9 useful tips when planning your next holiday

Taking that trip you’ve always dreamed of or planning spontaneous trips can be so much fun. However, several things have to be considered well in advance so that you can have the best holiday experience. Let’s take a look at some of the important things to consider when planning that amazing solo, couple, group or ...

It’s always amazing how time goes by so quickly. Celebrations for the new year have hardly ended and we are almost through the month of January. It’s time to get planning and packing for Spring Break coming up in late March. If you’re looking for inspiration on where to take your family, here are some ...