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Must Have Guide For Onboard With A Baby

Must Have Guide For Onboard With A Baby

Taking that trip you’ve always dreamed of or planning spontaneous trips can be so much fun. However, several things have to be considered well in advance so that you can have the best holiday experience. This is the ultimate guide for you when you are onboard with a baby. Learn all about this here for an amazing and memorable adventure.

1| Get all the necessary documents. 

First thing you need to do when traveling is to make sure you have all the documents you need. When being onboard with a baby, you might get distracted. Or you might have a million things to carry. So make sure all your documents are prepared before leaving your home. Pack them all in one file that is easy to reach to avoid any hassle. This includes:

1| Passports.

Check the validity of all your family members’ passports. While some mums do so by default, sometimes it is very easy to forget those dates. For example,  if you’re a UAE resident, your UAE visa should be valid 3 months from the date of return. Therefore, make sure all passports are good to go. 

2| Travel insurance.

This is another area that travelers agree to disagree on. Travel insurance that covers emergencies like medical expenses while on holiday or lost luggage is vital. Travel insurance is worth investing in and especially required for travel to Canada, the USA, Australia and Europe. The coverage offered is for personal medical expenses, theft, trip curtailment or cancellation, loss of passports, travel delay, missed departure and even burglary at home when you are away on the trip.

3| Visiting visas. 

 For many nationalities, applying for visit visas are a regular feature of their travel plans. However, for many others with passports that ensure entry without visas, you would still need to do a check to see if your destination requires a visa. Some popular destinations requiring visas include India or Sri Lanka. Also, make sure to inquire about baby visas to avoid any trouble when boarding.  

2| Useful travel gadgets when you’re onboard with a baby

Having the right gadgets with you will make being onboard with a baby super easy and smooth. If you are taking a long road trip, make sure to get the right and comfortable travel car seat. Teknum’s Pack And Go Foldable Car Seat is a great choice for traveling babies. It is also air cabin friendly, so you can keep it with you even when traveling by a plane.

On the other hand, some mums prefer to have free hands at all times. They even try to do without a stroller just for that. To keep your hands free and your baby close to you, we recommend Kinderkraft’s Baby Carrier. It is very comfortable and safe for both your baby and yourself.

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3| You can never do without a travel stroller. 

Even if you use a baby carrier, you will always need a travel stroller. A travel stroller will provide a comfortable and safe place for your baby to rest, stretch, and sleep. Make sure the travel stroller you get is compatible with airplane cabins. Which is something guaranteed with BABYZEN YOYO2. In fact, we believe this comes at the top of the list when you are onboard with a baby. In case you are using a baby carrier, your travel stroller can carry everything else including bags, toys, and shopping bags.

4| Get all the diaper changing essentials. 

Changing diapers at airports can be a bit challenging. But it will make things a lot easier when you have everything you need in an easy to reach diaper bag. Make sure to pack diapers, wipes, a changing mat, and a fresh change of comfy clothes for your baby. Many mums like to use disposable changing mats as they won’t have to worry about washing them while in the airport. Simply use the disposable changing mat, and throw it out. 

5| Try to pick a good time for your flight. 

It is one of the smart travel hacks when onboard with a baby to pick a flight that is similar to your baby’s sleep schedule. This will make sleeping easier for your baby. And it will give you a peaceful and calm flight. 

6| Book a seat in the back of the plane when you are onboard with a baby.

Having a seat that is in the back of the plane will make going to the bathroom easier and faster. Especially when your baby needs a diaper change. This way you will not have to worry about carrying your baby and the diaper bag and walk all around the plane. Also, this will keep you close to the staff in case you need anything. 

7| Check WIFI, internet, and mobile phone plans. 

 A big part of travel is having access to the internet and Wi-Fi. Before you travel, check your local service provider for data travel packages. For e.g. du offers 750 MB data for only AED 35 (daily rate). This is just one of their offers among others. For longer stays (for e.g. More than 7 days) it may be advisable to also pick up a local SIM for easier and cheaper call packages.

We recommend that for two reasons. One, to stay connected with your friends and family. And two, to be able to download and watch your baby’s favorite shows and nursery rhymes. This kind of entertainment is the best, especially when you are onboard with a baby. Watching shows and playing on phone apps will keep them entertained and will guarantee you a calm plane ride. 

8| Get familiar with your destination.

 Getting acquainted with your destination is always a good idea. Download google maps of the local city or town so you can access it offline if you need to. For approximate calculation on distances between places, we use

I usually try to pick up a few phrases in the local language that may come in use. For e.g. I find the response to ‘Bonjour’ while in Paris is warmer than just a ‘Hello’ or saying ‘Gracias’ while in Spain is better than a ‘thank you’. Look for Apps that assist with language translation such as Memrise or Duolingo. This will make less of a hassle, especially when you are onboard with a baby.

9| Remain calm and relaxed. 

Babies cry – this is what they do. So, if your baby starts crying on the plane, do not over stress or worry about this. Just keep calm and try to understand if something is bothering your baby. Sometimes, flight attendants might offer to help, and that will help you manage and remain relaxed. 

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Trust us, all of these tips and essentials will make being onboard with a baby a piece of cake!

Andrea Bailey is a Dubai based travel writer and travel consultant with Travel Counsellors. She travels frequently with her 3 daughters aged 11, 7 and 4 yrs.