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The Big Sleep, and how to get it!

The Big Sleep, and how to get it!

For the first year or so, sleep is a huge focus for every Mum.  Babies and infants need quality sleep to grow, for their immune system to stay strong and to be contented and happy.  However, some little darlings need more help than others getting to sleep.  Here are some top ideas to send them off to the land of nod.

Crib Basics

Whether you’re are buying a crib, bassinet or cot check that the mattress is the right size and there are no gaps at the edges.  It should also be firm and dense and not sag under the baby’s weight.  It might not look that comfy however this is the safest approach.


Lots of new babies like being wrapped up tight, to imitate the close comfort of the womb.  The safest way to do this is with a swaddling cloth or blanket.  These come in many different designs; go classic with a muslin cotton swaddle which can be used as a breast-feeding cover, pram cover and so much more.  Or for convenience try a swaddle with Velcro, great for wiggly babies.

Sleeping Bags

For older babies and infants sleeping bags are a brilliant invention; they’re warm and snug and secure so even when they start to roll over in their crib or cot the covers don’t go over their faces.  Many are also designed so that you can do a quick diaper change without having to take the bag off – perfect for those late-night changes

White Noise

It’s a weird fact that little babies like the noise of certain electrical goods, especially hair driers and vacuum cleaners.  The constant white noise soothes them to sleep.  It’s particularly useful if you live somewhere noisy or if your older kids are making a racket. To avoid excessive cleaning or hair washing you can simply buy a white noise machine.  There are lots to choose from and many are designed as cute crib hangers as well.


For a quality sleep for Mum and Dad invest in a good sleep monitor.  Not only can you hear the adorable snores of your bundle of joy and be able to sing some lullabies to them, many also let you know the temperature of the room, your babies’ movement and feature a camera too.  This way you can avoid leaping out of bed or off the sofa for false alarms and get some much-needed rest.