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How to make mixed feeding work for you

Mixed feeding means combining breastfeeding with bottle feeding. It’s sometimes known as ‘combined feeding’ or ‘partial breastfeeding’ and involves replacing one or more breastfeeds with bottle feeds instead. And, while the prospect of an uninterrupted night’s sleep may be enough to convince you it’s a good idea, mothers who opt to mixed feed do so ...
Breastfeeding: going back to the past to secure our future

Prior to the 1980s everyone all over the world was breastfed. If a mother couldn't breastfeed she would give her baby to a wet nurse to feed. Then formula surfaced and everyone believed that formula was better than breastmilk. Mothers first used to make formula in their kitchens, then they where manufactured in factories. There ...
Should You Feel Guilty About Not Breastfeeding?

Reasons for not breastfeeding can be beyond a mother’s control. Read on to know why you shouldn’t feel like a failure, no matter what others tell you. It is natural for a new mother to listen to her maternal instincts and nourish her infant as often as he/she desires. Every mother is giving and aspires […]

Should You Breastfeed With Both Breasts?

Every new mother has gazillion questions on her mind regarding baby care after the arrival of her newborn. The first week is the most crucial as this is the period when the baby and the mother, both, need to learn the art of breastfeeding. Many mothers find themselves in a dilemma whether they should breastfeed […]