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How to Protect My Baby Atopic Prone Skin

 Your baby’s skin is a protective covering against the outside world. It’s also a source of interaction, awakening and emotion connected with each of your baby’s senses. Since skin provides protection and aids sensory development, it needs specific care and your full attention from the time your baby is born. In order to give your […]

How Can You Help Your Newborn Get a Good Night Sleep?

Bringing their bundle of joy from the hospital is one of the most magical moments in the life of all parents. However, this magical moment can soon bring chaos. You will be driven to your wit’s end if your baby is unable to get a good night sleep. Consider yourself lucky if you can even ...
Top 10 Ideas To Ease Out Your Daily Parenting Routine

As a parent, you will always want to be the ‘Best Parent in the World’, at least in your child’s eyes. And this is how most of the parents exhaust themselves. They gun for perfection and create a lot of stressful situations in their own lives. From getting the kid ready for school to cooking ...
Should You Breastfeed With Both Breasts?

Every new mother has gazillion questions on her mind regarding baby care after the arrival of her newborn. The first week is the most crucial as this is the period when the baby and the mother, both, need to learn the art of breastfeeding. Many mothers find themselves in a dilemma whether they should breastfeed […]

When, Why and How to Burp Your Baby?

Your life starts revolving around your little bundle of joy from the minute he is born. He fills your life with happiness, he completes you and you would want to do everything right for him. So as you master the activities of feeding him, changing his diapers, and getting him to sleep (herculean task if […]


I just want to share with you my personal story, how a man was dragged into mothers and babies’ world by working out. One day, I was visiting my little nephew. I was never “good” with babies and kids in general. I am always a little nervous when I am around them though. That was […]


Flashback Children from the 80s and the 90s have despised their parents at some point or the other for forcing the menu down their throats, for being in control, for not giving in to their demands and so on. Parents back then made it very clear as to who was the boss at home. Mothers […]