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Safe sleeping with a newborn baby; How to achieve it?

Safe sleeping with a newborn baby; How to achieve it?

In the first few months of a baby’s life, it is preferable to use a smaller crib/cot instead of a regular crib/cot because it makes a new born baby feel protected and contained. Pediatricians recommend that new born babies sleep close to their parents’ bed, but always in their own crib by placing the crib in the parents’ bedroom, as close as possible to the parents’ bed. This habit guarantees a safe sleep for the baby and also has other advantages for the mom: with her baby next to her and in near sight, a mom can have a much more relaxed sleep and she is in a much more comfortable position when attending to her baby’s needs throughout the night. It is also more convenient for breastfeeding especially as moms tend to wake up frequently during the night to feed their babies.

By sleeping close to one another, the baby naturally acquires the biological rhythms of the parents and the bond between the baby and parents is strengthened. Recent research has shown that sleeping close to each other, but not in the same bed, reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). However, it is recommended that you do not have your baby sleeping with you in your bed because bed sharing can have serious risks of accidental injury and death, such as suffocation, asphyxia, entrapment, falls and strangulation. Babies – particularly during the first 3 months of life and those born prematurely or with low body weight – are at highest risk, possibly because of underdeveloped muscle strength which prevent the baby from escaping potential threats. For safe sleeping, use a side-sleeping crib to keep your new born baby next to your bed but in a space, that is only his.

There are many cribs out there that allow you to sleep close to your newborn. Side-sleeping cribs allow you to fix the crib to the parent’s bed, forming one single element with the structure. These innovative cribs, such as Chicco Next2Me, the novelty by Chicco designed for co-sleeping in comfort and total safety, allows newborns to sleep in their own cribs but still feel the presence and love of their parents. In this way the bond is stronger, and the nights are much more serene. Another feature most moms will appreciate is the rocking motion featured in the Chicco Next2Me Dream version which will help soothe the baby when sleeping.

To guarantee safe sleeping, remember that your baby should sleep on his back, on a rigid mattress, without quilts or duvets or large pillows and that he should not be too heavily clothed. After the early months, your baby can gradually get used to sleeping away from his parents, in his own room.