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Refusing to go to school: how to help your child

Many children go through phases of not wanting to go to school (Sunday morning struggle, anyone?) but regularly refusing school or going to extremes to avoid attending can indicate a major issue Truanting is, in itself, a serious matter; if your child is failing to turn up on a regular basis, you could be faced […]

Autism – understanding the spectrum

The word Autism gets used a lot in today’s society, but do we really understand what it is? I think it is really important to be well informed and to have a clear understanding. There is a lot of talk these days about Autism however a lot of it is a stereotype or a generalisation, […]

10 Tips to Overcome Back to School Anxiety

Anxiety on the first day of school is normal. However, there are lots of things you can do to help your child through the first day (or weeks) of school and make it as happy and smooth as possible. - Be mindful of your own emotions and language – children are excellent at picking up ...
A mum’s guide on how to manage bullying at school

We all know that feeling when our beloved child comes home and says that they have been bullied, the awful pulling of your heartstrings and sometimes confusion on how to help. Sadly, bullying is something that most children will face at least once in their school life.  Bullying can look different and appear in a ...
Laughing Children are learning Children

Walking past a classroom that is silent and still should set off alarm bells. It is unnatural for children to be sitting still and not making any noise. The best opportunities for learning happen through collaboration, movement and fun – it also helps children to engage and makes learning a choice they want to make ...
Top 10 Healthy habits for school Children

Ensure a happy and smooth transition from the holidays to the start of the school year with these top 10 easy, healthy habits! A Balanced Diet A good mix of fresh, healthy balanced food will provide children with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients they require for their development and growth. A Healthy Breakfast A ...
Video games and children’s safety

The main issue for parents with gaming-mad children (or just occasional dabblers) is that the devices which play games can connect to the internet and therefore can be played online. This means the same online safety rules that apply to internet use, such as social networking, should also apply to gaming ie your children should not disclose ...
Children and social networking sites

Social networking is a massive part of early 21st century culture. If we're all on Mumsnet, Facebook and Twitter all the time, how much bigger must it figure in the lives of our children, who have never known a world without it? Facebook says the minimum age for someone to start a profile is 13, ...
8 sure-fire ways to handle tantrums

Tantrums are your child’s way of indicating hunger, sleep or tiredness. For older kids it may be about their inability to handle big emotions. Lets see how we can tackle these episodes without losing out.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by (@mumzworldcom) When your child starts throwing a tantrum, ...
Social Media and Kids: The Reality of Virtual Reality

It can all get too much sometimes. Especially when your seven-year-old turns to you one day and asks for a phone! Not just any phone, a very specific model of a very specific brand. These kids know their stuff. If not a phone, then some other gadget or device where they will have access to […]