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Top 10 Healthy Habits for School Children

Top 10 Healthy Habits for School Children

Ensure a happy and smooth transition from the holidays to the start of the school year with these top 10 easy, healthy habits!

A Balanced Diet

A good mix of fresh, healthy balanced food will provide children with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients they require for their development and growth.

A Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is imperative to start a child’s day. It kickstarts their brain, gives them energy, and increases concentration, memory and attention span.

Physical Activity

Every child needs regular physical activity to stay healthy and active. If your child isn’t a lover of team sports, encourage them to move through other enjoyable physical activities, such as swimming, dancing or bike riding.  

Daily reading

Reading to your child daily will help build relationships, confidence and routines, no matter what their age. For older children, allow them to choose their books, so reading is seen as fun, rather than a chore. 

Sufficient Sleep

Having a regular bedtime and wake-up time is very important. Sufficient sleep is a crucial part of physical and emotional health, as well as concentration and energy levels at school. 

Limited screen time

Extensive use of television, iPads and computer games can lead to several health problems for children, both physical and emotional, as well as affecting sleep patterns, concentration levels and social interactions. 

Family mealtimes

Even with busy schedules, families should always try to find the time to sit and enjoy a meal together. Spending time over a nutritious meal will strengthen family bonds and a sense of belonging, as well as develop good table manners and healthier eating habits.

Drink plenty of water

Encourage your children to drink water in place of juice or sodas. Instilling this habit early in your child’s life can be as easy as allowing them to choose a fun drink bottle! 


Encourage good hygiene habits early on, such as frequent handwashing, bathing and good oral care. Make brushing fun with an electric toothbrush. 


All family members can have appropriate responsibilities to assist the household. Giving your child age-appropriate chores is a wonderful way to encourage accountability, respect, pride and consideration, and for them to feel like they are an important part of the family. 

Encouraging these healthy habits early on will instill a sense of responsibility in your children, and enable these habits to just become part of their everyday life, from now into adulthood.

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Finally, keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle routine is necessary for both ourselves and our kids. Therefore you need healthy habits to maintain a healthy life.