Separation Anxiety, What You Need to Know

Separation anxiety is something that all children go through at some stage as they develop, it is normal, and it is a reflection on the close relationship you have with your child. It is something that as a teacher I see all the time! Whilst it is normal for a child to experience separation anxiety ...
Using Your ‘Magic Words’ AKA Manners

I am sure you have come across someone asking a child for the ‘magic word’ or as we adults call it, please or thank you. However, these basic manners aren’t magic, and by referring to them as ‘magic words’ children are associating that when saying them, they will magically work get what they want. Please, ...
The Beauty of Reading With Your Toddler

There are few things more rewarding than seeing your child develop and learn new skills. Reading, and the love of books, when developed at a young age, can provide a child and later an adult with a world of enjoyment simply escaping into those pages, and starting young plays a vital role. Read our article ...
Why you should be proud of stubborn kids

Strong-willed kids can be very difficult to handle. However, somewhere down the line, that very quality can make them successful and you proud. It’s proven. Let’s consider the subject more deeply. Be proud your kid is not blindly following the paths of others. Be happy he speaks his mind. Cherish the fact that he has […]

The Importance Of Making Eye Contact With Your Children

Fact: You are connected through the most powerful line of connection that has no basis in technology.  Recently, students applying to universities were caught off-guard when their application got rejected. Despite having the highest grades and doing all the necessary community work, leadership training and achieving several other impressive accomplishments, they were dumbfounded when they […]

How to Explain the Everyday to a Child with Autism

One major deficit that children on the autism spectrum have is the ability to learn by observing the behavior of others around them. Observational learning is learning that occurs through observing the behavior of others, imitation of others, memorizing others reactions to specific environmental cues, and in turn performing those skills later on during social […]

How To: Combat Tantrums and Threats Like A Boss

Tantrums are like tidal waves. You see them coming a mile away and hope to avoid them if you swim to the shore fast enough. Some parents become so immune to them that you see them staring blankly at their screaming or flailing child with a resigned and long-suffering expression on their faces in the […]

Raising confident kids to not bow to peer pressure

While parents can blame technology and social media platforms for a lot of modern day aggravations, they cannot blame peer pressure on them; it is one thing that has not changed in the past few centuries, and teaching your kids to not bow down to peer pressure has and remains a challenge for a lot […]

Is My Child Being Bullied?

Although a lot has been written about bullying – and we mean a lot – children all around the world are still being bullied and their parents sometimes know nothing about it. Bullying, like so many other things, has evolved with technology. Not to be left behind, it found its way into cyberspace causing havoc, […]