How I used the Bell to potty train my daughter?

Blessed with 4 children, with all the challenges that come with it, I accepted this phase of my life with a big heart, open arms and a great will to excel. 4 years ago when we made the move and decided to settle in Canada, terrified being in a new country with my children especially […]

Raising confident kids to not bow to peer pressure

While parents can blame technology and social media platforms for a lot of modern day aggravations, they cannot blame peer pressure on them; it is one thing that has not changed in the past few centuries, and teaching your kids to not bow down to peer pressure has and remains a challenge for a lot […]

Is My Child Being Bullied?

Although a lot has been written about bullying – and we mean a lot – children all around the world are still being bullied and their parents sometimes know nothing about it. Bullying, like so many other things, has evolved with technology. Not to be left behind, it found its way into cyberspace causing havoc, […]

Is my Child a Bully?

It is one of the hardest questions a parent can ask themselves about their child. The child that they watched grow from a helpless little baby into what they hoped would be a good, kind person. If your child is a bully, you can help them. Admitting that they are is halfway there to helping […]

5 ways to encourage your child to read

We all know that reading regularly can boost your vocabulary, your world awareness and improves your attention and focus skills, but that’s probably not a good enough reason for your children or teenagers to pick up a good book. Here are some reasons you can use to encourage young people to read that you might not have ...
6 Tips to Boost your Child’s Self-esteem

Simple ways to boost your child’s Self-esteem Self-esteem is developed as a direct result of experiences that help a child feel capable, effective, and accepted. Firstly, kids feel capable when they learn to do things for themselves and feel proud of tasks that they can do independently. Secondly, children feel effective when they see that good things come from their […]

What is Psychomotor Therapy?

Psychomotor therapy aims to support and aid an individual’s personal development. It is based on a global view of human beings that considers each individual as a unity of physical, emotional and cognitive actualities, which interact with each other and the surrounding social environment. Psychomotor specialists study the body and its expressiveness. The body is regarded not merely as a mechanism with […]

Children and Charity

Charity begins at home and there is no better time of the year to teach our children about the importance of charity than during the month of Ramadan. It’s that time of year when all over the Gulf region, homes are preparing for the Holy Month of Ramadan. Even though not everybody participates in the […]

The Homework Conundrum

In January 1999, the cover of Time Magazine stated Too Much Homework! How it’s hurting our kids and what parents should do about it! It’s 2017, and we are still talking about homework. Some parents complain of too much homework and some complain of too little. Homework has been around for a long time now. […]