How to keep your kids healthy this Dubai summer

The summertime in Dubai can cause a bit of laziness both physically and mentally for your children. Without the routine of school, the physical and mental stimulation your children undergo during the school year, they can become a lot less willing to run around or even think. Your children’s health should be well looked after ...
How to Help Your Child Fast This Ramadan

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a wonderful time of year during which you can involve your children in several aspects of this very special month. Appreciation, gratitude, charity, self-discipline and patience are all traits that can be learned especially in Ramadan. In Islam, it is not compulsory for children to fast until they reach ...
When Young People Suffer Social Anxiety

“I don’t want to go to school!”   This is often a young person’s common complaint; however, when your child begins to protest this is possibly a symptom of a bigger problem — social anxiety.  Young people who are experiencing social anxiety often refuse to go to school and complain of physical symptoms shortly before it […]

Tips to Encourage Language Development in Children

Talking, expressing oneself and understanding others are significant milestones and skills in a young child’s life. But not all infants learn at the same pace and some children talk much sooner or later than others. As parents, the key is for us to create various opportunities for our children to develop language and reach that […]

Language Development in Children

All You Need To know How does language develop? One of the most common questions that worries mothers a whole lot is that of speech and language development. The most recurrent questions I get are “is this normal, is my child delayed or not and should I be worried”. The stages of developing speech and […]

Establishing Eye Contact with children

Communication is a major pillar of healthy and successful parenting. You can communicate with your child, even before he or she start talking and can successfully perceive your words. You can communicate with your little one just by looking at them and establish positive eye contact. Eye contact is an essential part of communication and ...
What Is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Over the past years, there has been an increase in the awareness of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), especially at schools. Many children have thus been misdiagnosed with APD due to many misconceptions and misinformation. Auditory Processing Disorder is the process in which the brain uses information that the ears have heard (ie: auditory information). Due ...
Preschool at Nursery vs School, which is better?

Your child is finally settled at nursery.  They make friends, they are happy and confident to come to nursery, they are learning and developing wonderfully at nursery. Then they get a bit older, and your mind turns to big school.  Questions about keeping your child in nursery for FS1 (pre-K) or enrolling them in a […]