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Six ways you can stimulate your kids’ imagination

Six ways you can stimulate your kids’ imagination

Kids’ imagination is more important than you might think. Kids with a healthy imagination often view the world around them with a vivid and engaging curiosity and grow up to be creative problem-solvers who find success in their lives.

Help to stimulate your child’s imagination with these six ideas below:

1. Give them options and choice

First, give them choices and options. By allowing your children a variety of different ways to express themselves, you are letting them use their imagination and challenge themselves in different ways. For example, have a selection of craft materials that they can access, including texts, pencils, paint, ink, collage.

2. Expose them to a variety of different things.

Visit art galleries, museums, places of natural beauty, live concerts etc. and inspire them to use their imagination

3. Set a culture of valuing imagination in your home.

The more that you value your child’s imagination, the more they will be inclined to use it. In addition, Ask them questions to find out more and encourage them to explore further rather than telling them no or putting a glass roof on their ideas.

4. Be a role model.

This is so important because children learn from their parents, by showing them that you use your imagination regularly and the different ways that you can use your imagination, you are helping them learn and try it for themselves.

5. Enroll them in different co-curricular activities that value creativity and imagination.

Some examples are art classes, writing classes, drama or music.

6. Read with them.

Finally, Books are worlds filled and created with our imagination and children who read a lot or a read with, generally have a great imagination. Read a variety of different genres and books and let their mind wander and imagine.

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