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DIY Ramadan Lantern

Get your little ones involved in Ramadan festivity using arts and crafts. Make your own Ramadan lantern this year with them to fill your house with the joyous spirit of Ramadan.

Watch the video to learn about an easy-to-make DIY arts and crafts idea that can serve as an Iftar gift or a beautiful Ramadan decoration for your table. Spend some quality time making memories with the children creating this lovely Ramadan Lantern!

Here’s a checklist of what you will need to make your Ramadan Lantern:

  • – colored tissue paper
  • – colored paper to cut out stars and crescents
  • – print outs of mosque
  • – glass jar
  • – scissors
  • – glitter
  • – glue
  • – paint brush
  • – tea light

You can also buy more Ramadan lanterns and other decorations from our website!

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