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Your Guide to Plan your Newborn’s Nursery from A to Z

Your Guide to Plan your Newborn’s Nursery from A to Z

What a year! Let’s face it, 2021 was quite an unusual year, but it’s time to turn a new page and kick it off with positive fresh vibes. Since 2021 had a toll on most industries, most trends, whether in design or fashion, will roll over this year. So mamas, why not take advantage. Especially if you are a new mom to add a bit of flair to an area where you will be spending quite some time. The baby’s nursery room and make it extra special!

Pastels are here to stay 

Pastel colors can bring softness and warmth to any space, transforming it into a whimsical wonderland. This season, keep it warm and muted, mixing your pinks with soft tones of grey. Pair different textures together like linen and wood, for a grown-up feel playroom.

It’s also more manageable and less costly for you to design a room for two siblings with growing interest and personalities. You can add various accessories and colors to appease to each child. A good tip is to keep your nursery furniture white, as this allows you to keep updating your pastels palette and brighten up the space. 

Back To Nature

Lockdown has turned most of us into crazy pets or plants lovers or even day time dreamers. So, anything from wildlife, clouds or rainbow prints is back this year. You don’t have to refurnish your nursery completely or break the bank to adopt this trend. You can accessorize by adding framed animal portraits, stuffed animals, jungle-themed or rainbow-themed wallpaper or a bright colorful armchair.

Go Gender-Neutral

This trend offers a lot of room for creativity. If you like change, you can play around with the wallpaper, accessories as your child grows. You can incorporate yellow or green those colors go very well with an all-white room and add a bit of boldness. You can also choose to add a statement piece of art. As the cribs backdrop or make it personal by framing your childhood memory or your child’s’ name. 

Scandinavian and Nordic Style 

Scandinavian kids’ rooms always inspire wonder, emphasizing imagination and play. Lively patterns and art prints featuring fun sayings and illustrated characters add a uniquely childish charm. Playful touches like colorful bunting and strings of fairy lights are also a perfect fit. 

Nordic style is more connected to nature, and children rooms often have a natural theme. With printed trees and flowers, woodland chalkboard arts, teepee tents, and rustic furniture. 

Handy -tips: 

Keep your essentials at reach.

Whatever way you wish to decorate your newborn nursery, remember to keep your basic furniture such as the changing table. Strategically placed with everything you might need from diapers, wipes, pacifier baby clothes, laundry basket at reach. The last thing you want is to have to leave your baby unattended to grab something you forgot. 

Avoid clutter 

Make room for storage and remember that you will need to carry your baby to sleep at night, breastfeed or soothe a colicky baby, which involves a lot of movement around the room. 

Keep it kid-friendly

Most of us live away from family and friends. That’s why we tend to incorporate our most beloved memories into the nursery décor by framing old photos or personalizing covers, pillows and night lights. But remember to keep those items away from your baby’s crib to avoid any unnecessary harm.

As your child grows a good idea would be to replace the crib with a floor bed. A concept created by Maria Montessori, to promote children’s’ independence and freedom of movement in a safe environment. Especially if they are transitioning to a regular bed.

And finally plan for a quick safety check, you would want to keep an eye on your baby even when you are away from the room. You can do so by choosing a baby monitor that give you peace of mind, like night vision video and two-way audio communication.